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Mens Fleece and Softshell

Mens Fleece and Softshell

Fleece was originally invented to provide a lightweight, more breathable and quicker drying alternative to traditional wooly jumpers and heavy cotton shirts.

Modern fleece mid layers provide warmth with minimal weight and help with the wicking process to keep you comfortable and dry. We stock a carefully selected range to suit all activities from lightweight pullovers to heavy weight super warm full zip jackets to just slob around in.

The introduction of softshell fabrics blurred the lines between the mid and outer layer with garments that provided warmth and also protection from wind and rain. Softshell clothing is now extremely popular as it allows you to reduce your layers and weight whilst remaining protected.

There is an enormous variety of weight and insulation available in this category from ultra-lightweight garments that keep the wind off yet breathe superbly for more active pursuits to heavily lined winter pieces to provide insulation, breathability and protection from the elements.

Softshell garments are perfectly suited to all mountain and leisure activities from thrashing up a snow filled gully to bimbling around town on your days off.

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