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MSR Guardian Purifier Water Filter Pump

MSR Guardian Purifier Water Filter Pump

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The safest and most durable portable water filter from MSR. Removes viruses, bacteria protozoa and sediment from all water sources and requires zero maintenance.

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Season : 2020S C

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The Guardian Purifier water filter was initially developed by MSR for military use, so you can be absolutely sure that this thing is built to last and performs faultlessly to deliver absolutely pure water from just about any water source. The highly advanced hollow fibre filter will keep out viruses, bacteria protozoa and sediment to ensure you have safe drinking water...anywhere.

MSR also developed an ingenious self cleaning action that cleans the filter with every stroke and delivers a consistently fast flow rate so you never have to backwash, scrub or replace filters for the lifetime of the product. Incidentally the lifetime of this product is 10,000 litres of water, so if you drink about 4 litres per day, every day, the Guardian Purifier will last you 2500 days or 357 weeks, or 6.8 years. So using that equation the daily cost of the Guardian is only £38.00 per year, or 72 pence per week, or 10 pence per day. Far cheaper than buying bottled water and you also eliminates litter and pollution from discarded plastic bottles. Should you ever filter 10,000 litres or more the flow rate will begin to reduce to around 1L/Min @ 70 strokes per minute, you'll still be getting clean water but more wear occurs on the internal parts; this is the time to get a replacement filter.

The fast flowing pump delivers around 2.5 litres per minute straight into your water bottle. The Guardian is Nalgene bottle thread compatible so just screw your wide mouth Nalgene bottle directly onto the base of the Guardian and get pumping! MSR's own Dromedary water bags also fit directly onto the filter or you can just let the water flow into any old bottle (as long as its clean, obviously).

A neat mesh pre-filter is attached to the end of the inlet hose which prevents grit and sediment from entering the filter which could slow down performance, this can be easily cleaned as you pump by simply wiping away the build up of dirt with your fingers. As well as delivering a fast consistent flow of clean water the Guardian withstands freezing and has been drop tested to withstand a 6ft drop onto a concrete floor, so it's hard as nails.

The MST Guardian Purifier water filter is the only water filter you'll ever need, anywhere!

  • Ultimate Protection: Meets NSF protocol P248, testing standard used by U.S. military, for removal of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and sediment from “worst-case” water conditions.
  • Fast & Easy: Pumps a rapid 2.5 litres per minute, offering added viral protection without the need for chemicals, bulbs, batteries, or waiting.
  • Self-Cleaning: Pump self-cleans on every stroke, providing consistently fast flow rates with zero hassle - no backflushing or filter-scrubbing ever required.
  • Long-Lasting: Leading-edge hollow fiber cartridge treats up to 10,000+ litres.
  • Extremely Durable: Engineered to withstand heavy use, freezing, drops*, and harsh environments.
Technical Information
Effective against protozoa - Yes
Effective against bacteria - Yes
Effective against particulate - Yes
Effective against chemicals/toxins - No
Effective against viruses  - Yes
Weight - 490 g
Filter media - Advanced Hollow Fiber
Filter pore size - (microns) 0.02
Flow (L/min) - 2.5 liters per min
Cartridge life - 10,000+ liters
Field cleanable - Self-Cleaning
Field maintainable - Yes
Water Bottle Adapter - Yes
Cartridge replacement indicator - Yes
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MSR Guardian Purifier Water Filter Pump

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Excellent customer service. Really detailed easy to understand product descriptions on the Trekitt website, and gear reviews on the Trekitt YouTube channel made it so easy to choose the right backpack for me.
Emily - May 2020
Amazing service! Very helpful in regards sizing and what most matched my needs, despite this being done over the internet. YouTube videos of products being examined are very useful also. Would definitely use again, very fast and efficient delivery. Brilliant! Highly recommended!
David R - April 2020
Highly recommend. I usually go to the shop in Hereford as staff are alwasy very helpful and knowledgeable. So this was the first time I have purchased online and the service was just as good as the shop.
Grizzy - April 2020


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