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Black Diamond Womens Trail Pole Alpine Lake

Black Diamond Womens Trail Pole Alpine Lake

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Whether you're heading out for a week long trek in the alps, or simply along the Welsh coastal path for a day out, these B.D Trail Poles are light, durable, quick to adjust and comfortable to use. 


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Whether you're heading out for a week long trek in the alps or simply along the Welsh coastal path for a day out, these Trail poles from Black Diamond are among some of the most comfortable, durable, lightweight and well rounded available. 

A soft rubber grip adds comfort and security when walking over rough terrain, while Black Diamond's new solution strap takes a little inspiration from their harnesses and includes a wide yet thin strap for optimum comfort over long durations. Adjusting the pole is as quick and easy as ever thanks to B.D's FlickLock adjusters; simply pull the plastic skewer out, adjust the pole to the desired length and push back down, much like a quick release wheel on a bike. As standard, the poles come with durable carbide tips, however these can be removed and replaced with rubber ones (sold separately) depending on the ground. 

Lightweight, durable, easy to adjust and perfect for backpacking, trekking and general walking, the Trail poles are your ideal companion for all year round outdoor activities.

  • Durable aluminium construction
  • Interchangable tips
  • FlickLock adjustment
  • Rubber grip for optimum grip
  • Lightweight and packable
Care & Advice

Here are some useful tips and advice on how to get the most of your walking and trekking poles so you can enjoy your adventures more, be safer and improve your fitness. The use of walking and trekking poles has become much more popular, and acceptable, and will provide huge benefits if they fit you properly and you understand the techniques required.

So what are the benefits?

Stability and support.

Rather obviously using a pair of trekking poles is like having another set of feet, they will provide an extra footing on uneven terrain, on river and stream crossings and will support your weight when tackling steep ascents and descents.

Reduced body stress.

Using a pair of poles dramatically reduces the stress placed on joints, tendons and muscles as the simple act of pushing down on the poles reduces your body weight. Try standing on a set of scales with a set of poles held gently in your hands and placed on the floor to see how much lighter you become. Now imagine that weight reduction from every stride taken on every mile walked and it’s clear how beneficial they can be. By developing a good technique your posture will improve, your breathing will be easier and perceived exertion will be reduced. A good technique is particularly beneficial when carrying a heavy pack. You will feel fresher at the end of your walk and you’ll ache less the following day.

Traction and propulsion

With a pair of poles it’s like having “4 wheel drive”, you have 2 added contact points from which to push off. Nordic walkers and cross country skiers have developed the technique to push off from their poles providing massive additional propulsion. Walkers can also benefit from that technique and gain an extra “push” to reduce exertion. The “skiing” technique also gives you a full body work out and increases cardio-vascular activity.

This sounds good, so how do I get started?

It is really important to use the strap and handle correctly. The strap is not just there to stop you losing the poles; it’s there to provide an integral link and aid with propulsion. Slide your hand UP through the loop and then adjust the size so that it is snug, but not too tight. Relax your grip and open you hand so that the strap lies flat over the back of your hand and then comes together between your thumb and forefinger. You’ll notice that the strap has a twist built in which is to allow it to follow the contour of your hand and lie flat. If you push down you should feel the weight being taken across your whole hand. There is no need to grip the handle tightly when using poles as this can cause tendon strain over time. Your hand should remain relaxed and let the strap do the work.  This method allows you to retain control of the pole and be fully supported by the strap.

Setting the correct height of your trekking poles

There is no exact science about the absolutely correct pole length and as you become used to using them you’ll want to experiment with the length. But to get you started stand nice and upright and hold the poles (correctly) with the tips on the floor. Your elbows should now be at an angle of about 90°. When you adjust the length please ensure that the overall length is divided equally between the sections. Avoid having one section all the way out and one section all the way in.

Walking with poles.

Walkers can really benefit from a version of the skiing technique used by Nordic walkers and skiers; if you ever seen cross country skiing you’ll be aware of this technique. The simplest way to learn is to find a flat piece of ground large enough to walk comfortably, a football pitch or park is ideal.

  1. Hold your poles correctly (as described above) and then hang your arms loosely by your sides with the poles angled backwards and the tips dragging on the floor behind you.
  2. Start to walk normally with your arms by your side and just let the poles drag along the floor.
  3. Now repeat step 2 but allow your arms to swing freely from the shoulder. Try not to think about what the poles are doing.
  4. If you become confused and get all tangled up with the poles just go back to step 2 and start again.
  5. As you swing your hands forward and upwards you’ll notice that the poles tips will stay in contact with the ground and then as you swing your hand backwards you’ll notice the resistance as you push against the pole contact point.
  6. Keep practicing until you become comfortable with swinging the pole freely and pushing off backwards, through the strap, against the contact point. This provides propulsion and support and as you push backwards and downwards, in effect un-weighting yourself, it reduces the stress on your joints.

Try to keep your arms soft and relaxed with your hands not rising higher than the position you’d normally adopt when shaking hands with someone. You may notice that your stride naturally lengthens, which is a good thing, and that the contact point for the pole tip is approximately mid stride. As you push off against the pole try to use your whole arm, from the shoulder and not from the elbow. Keep practising and with time this technique will feel totally natural and you’ll wonder how you ever managed to walk without poles. It’ worth noting that this technique works perfectly on flat even ground, but it can be adapted to suit uneven terrain, it just takes practice.

One pole or two?

All of the above benefits and techniques will only apply if you use two poles. One pole may be sufficient if you are travelling over easy flat terrain and you are not carrying a pack. When you use two poles you can really take advantage of all of the benefits, including the increase in fitness that comes with developing a good technique so you can use your whole body, not just your legs.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Weight per pair: 480g

Sizing Information

Usable length: 62-125cm

Collapsed length: 62cm

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