Osprey Womens Fairview Trek 70 Charcoal Grey

Osprey Womens Fairview Trek 70 Charcoal Grey

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Osprey Womens Fairview Trek 70 Charcoal Grey
Osprey Womens Fairview Trek 70 Amulet Purple

The Fairview Trek isn't quite a trekking bag, nor is it your standard piece of luggage; it combines the best of both worlds to equal quite possibly the perfect travel bag for those who are constantly on the move.


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What is the Fairview Trek?

The Women's-specific Fairview Trek isn't quite a trekking bag, nor is it your standard piece of luggage; it combines the best of both worlds to equal quite possibly the perfect travel bag for those who are constantly on the move.

What is it made from?

The Fairview trek is made using two different weights of material – the front of the bag and the top pocket is made from an exceptionally tough 420HD Nylon with a durable water repellent coating. This weight of fabric is a bit more supple than the tougher reinforcements – which is why it’s used on the front and pockets. Osprey then use a 500D nylon in high wear areas – these will be areas, like the base and side of the pack, that are more likely to take a beating from airport conveyor belts and being thrown into the back of a little Tuk-tuk.

Combining these two weights of fabric ensure you get a pack that is incredibly tough for its weight and will withstand years of regular use and abuse while travelling, trekking and continuously moving.

What is the backsystem?

This is where it really differs from the standard Fairview. In all honesty, the original Fairview's backsystem was incredibly comfortable, however this Trek variant takes it a step further; it takes inspiration from Osprey's fully-fledged trekking bags and incorporates this technology into the backsystem on the Trek. That mesh we spoke about earlier isn’t just there to look pretty! The suspended mesh backsystem sits away from the rest of the pack, meaning there is constant airflow behind your back. This is not only incredibly comfortable as the bag's contents aren't jabbing you, but also far more breathable in hotter climates. 

This backsystem is also adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune the fit to your exact height. The torso length adjustment uses a 4-point ladder-lock system that enables the pack to be quickly and easily adjusted to fit perfectly. Simply pull on the little toggles to pop them out of the ladder system, slide the back system up of down and then pop the lever pack in to the little pockets. As well as the clever adjustment system the Fairview has dual load-lifter points on the upper frame. These can easily be adjusted when you adjust the back system – simply slide the strap out of one buckle and reattach it to the preferred buckle. This ensures the shoulder harness will remain comfortable in whichever position you chose.

Moving down, a pre-curved, padded hip belt takes the weight off your shoulders and places it through your hips. All contact points are lined with a soft brushed material and have plenty of adjustment for a range of shapes and sizes.

What are the features?

Entry into the pack is achieved via a large U-Zip on the front of the bag - this gives you full access into the whole pack, just like opening up a duffle bag or suitcase. The main compartment has internal compression wings that strap everything down and prevent it moving around during use. One of these compression wings hides a zipped security pocket.There is also an internal divider, should you need to separate out some wet/dirty kit. You can get to the lower divided section through another external zip, much like the sleeping bag compartment on regular backpacks. Also, on the inside is the hydration sleeve that'll easily swallow a 3 litre bladder to ensure you don't dehydrate in hot conditions.

You've got plenty of external pockets which are great for items that you need to get to quickly, up at the top there's two large pockets for valuables and things you need to access easily. The larger of these two pockets contains the Osprey Air Cover; this can be used to completely encase the Fairview Trek to protect it during transit so you don’t snag any straps of buckles on conveyor belts, or it can be used as a rain cover when you're carrying the pack in wet conditions. To attach it as a rain cover, simply tuck the back flap away and attach the toggles to the corresponding loops on the outside of the pack. Twin-zipped hip belt pockets are perfect for snacks or a GPS and on each side of the pack there are mesh water bottle pockets with twin access to make getting your drink out nice and easy. On the front of the pack there is another large zipped pocket that's great for tickets, magazines, maps and guides.

On each shoulder strap, just above the adjustable chest strap, you'll find a buckle. Here you can attach the New Osprey Daylite Travel pack to these buckles and you've got extra storage in just a matter of seconds. Just to note, these are only compatible with the new Daylite Travel packs, not the standard Daylite or Daylite Plus range – these have slightly smaller buckles. However, there are also cord loops down the front of the pack and on the shoulder straps, if you want to attach a Daylite or Daylite Plus pack there instead; or as well.

The StraightJacket compression system across the front of the pack really helps to keep the load under control when trekking or can compress the pack if it's not fully laden. Down at the base compartment there are two external sleeping pad straps, these add extra storage options, help to compress the load or can be completely removed if you just don't need them. A padded side grab handle makes the luggage carousel tussle that little bit easier and offers alternative carrying options

  • Women's specific
  • U-Zip front opening
  • Integrated AirCover travel case
  • Internal compression wings
  • Multiple hidden security pockets
  • Lockable zippers
  • Removable sleeping pad straps
  • Compatible with Daylite packs
  • Easy-access external pockets
  • Twin zipped hipbelt pockets
Care & Advice

Getting the correct fit for your rucksack is as important as getting the fit right for your boots. A badly fitting pack can inflict misery and discomfort and completely ruin your adventure. This guide is designed to help you get the best fit and comfort from your chosen pack so that carrying all your kit becomes a pleasure and not a chore.


If the pack has an adjustable back length, adjust this to your correct level. Your back length is not related to your height but your torso length. Many packs, and specifically the bigger and more technical packs are available in different back lengths or feature adjustable back systems. Contrary to popular belief, your torso length and not your overall height is the key to getting a well fitted pack. Tall people don’t necessarily have long torsos, just as shorter people don’t always have a short torso length.

Your torso length can be found by measuring from your C7 vertebra (the bony protrusion at the back of your neck when looking down) to the height of your iliac crest (top of your hip bones, where you put your hands on your hips). This measurement will give you an idea of which pack back length to choose.

Once you've got the back length sorted, either by selecting the correct size pack or adjusting the back system, you can begin to follow these simple steps to help achieve a comfortable carry.


Before you start fitting the pack, loosen off all the straps as this will make it easier to get the correct tension later.


Fasten the backpack hipbelt, the general position is the same as where you’d put your ‘hands on hips’ This area is called the pelvic girdle, and what you can feel when you rest your hand on the area is the bony protuberance, the iliac crest. The iliac crest can support the weight from a pack comfortably, and for sustained periods. The padded section of the hipbelt should encompass this and fit securely.

Tighten the straps so the hipbelt feels secure and held firmly around your body. Ensure that the lumbar pad is centered to your lower back to give you maximum support. Remember that your hips carry most of the weight of the pack, so this should be firm but comfortable.


Next, adjust the shoulder straps, pull them until they start to become snug, but ensure that they are not too tight as to lift the pack off your hips. Remember tightening them will stabilise the pack but will increase pressure over the shoulders. If the back length of the pack is correct the shoulder straps will be flush to your shoulders whilst the hipbelt sits in place comfortably. The point where the shoulder straps attach to the main body of the pack should be roughly half way down your shoulder blades; this ensures  that the shoulder straps rolls evenly over the top of your shoulders to distribute the weight correctly.


Fasten the chest strap and pull until taut but not tight, the elastic section should not be extended. This helps keep the shoulder straps from catching in your shoulder joints and keeps the stability of the pack when moving over rough ground.


Top tensioner straps link the shoulder straps to the top of the pack. When tightened, their main function is to stabilise the top part of the pack. The optimum angle for these straps in 45º, but they will stabilise the load even when horizontal or at a more obtuse angle. Tighten them until you feel the top part of the pack rest against your pack, over tightening them will create excessive pressure on the front of your shoulders.


Side tension straps are linked to the hipbelt. By tightening these straps you can stabilise the load but reduce the hipbelt flexibility. Where balance is critical tightening them can help you feel more secure. However, if you are striding out over easy terrain it’s better to loosen these straps to allow full hip flexibility.


Side compression straps come next, pulling these tight does two things: firstly, it stabilises the load, secondly it can lift the lower part of the pack, repositioning the load closer to your back.


Following these steps should give you a comfortable but secure fit on your pack. Sometimes adjustments will need to be made on the go depending on the terrain or the load you are carrying. The perfect fit is very much a personal preference so experiment with different tensions on the pack to find what suits you best.

Technical Information

Weight: 2.07kg


- 420HD Nylon Packcloth

- 500D Nylon Packcloth

Sizing Information

Dimensions: 68 x 4 x 36cm

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Osprey Womens Fairview Trek 70 Charcoal Grey

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Excellent customer service. Really detailed easy to understand product descriptions on the Trekitt website, and gear reviews on the Trekitt YouTube channel made it so easy to choose the right backpack for me.

Emily - May 2020

Amazing service! Very helpful in regards sizing and what most matched my needs, despite this being done over the internet. YouTube videos of products being examined are very useful also. Would definitely use again, very fast and efficient delivery. Brilliant! Highly recommended!

David R - April 2020

Highly recommend. I usually go to the shop in Hereford as staff are alwasy very helpful and knowledgeable. So this was the first time I have purchased online and the service was just as good as the shop.

Grizzy - April 2020

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