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Aku Tactical

AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige

AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige

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The Navy Seal Spider is a super lightweight low profile boot perfectly suited to CQC and urban environments.  They are extremely breathable and quick drying making them ideal for hot climates.

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Season : 2019W

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The Navy Seal Spider is built around a technical last to provide a superb sensitive feel making it perfect for rapid movements over a variety of terrain.  The uppers are made from AKU’s incredibly breathable Air8000 fabric which offers 11 times the breathability of normal fabric boots.  The lower section of the uppers are protected by a tough ByCast rand which is basically a PU coated split leather.

The midsole is the really clever bit about the Navy Seal, it is AKU’s IMS 3D midsole which cradles the foot in a natural position reduce fatigue and stress injuries.  The IMS midsole features a layer of EVA cushioning above the midsole and directly in contact with your feet.  This EVA layer provides instant comfort and reduces foot movement within the boot.  The Navy Seal is a very low profile boot with a Vibram SWOT outsole, and due to this configuration it is not suited for use with a heavy pack or for extended duties.

Please note that these boots are in no way waterproof!

Care & Advice

Here at Trekitt we know all too well of the difficulties people face when purchasing footwear online. The hardest part is being confident that you have picked the correct fitting footwear, so that is what we will cover in this blog (or if you prefer you can CLICK HERE to watch our video).

In our Hereford shop we offer a professional boot fitting service where we assess your feet, find a selection of boots that match you foot shape and most importantly we make sure that they are comfortable. This is easy to do in the shop, where we have access to the right tools, the option of letting you try on as many styles as you like and a knowledgeable member of staff that can communicate directly with you regarding your needs.

But let’s not dwell on what you don’t have, instead we shall teach you how to ascertain your size using some common household objects.

What you will need:

  1. A piece of A4 paper
  2. A pen or pencil
  3. A floor and a flat wall
  4. A ruler or tape measure

What you need to do:

  1. Put on the socks that you intend to use with the footwear you have selected
  2. Place the paper/cardboard on the floor with one end flush against a wall
  3. Stand on the A4 paper with your heel pressed firmly against the wall and your foot pointed forward with the edge of your big toe aligned with the edge of the paper.
  4. Draw a line just in front of your big toe
  5. Measure the distance from the wall edge of the paper to the line you drew
  6. Repeat the process for the other foot
  7. Finally, check the longer of the two measurements against the table below to find your size
Your measurement (cm) UK Size EU Size
21.7 3 35
22.1 3.5 36
22.5 4 37
22.9 4.5 37.5
23.3 5 38
23.7 5.5 39
24.1 6 39.5
24.5 6.5 40
24.9 7 41
25.4 7.5 41.5
25.8 8 42
26.2 8.5 42.5
26.6 9 43
27 9.5 44
27.4 10 44.5
27.8 10.5 45
28.3 11 46
28.8 11.5 46.5
29.2 12 47
29.6 12.5 47.5
30 13 48
30.4 13.5 49

NOTE: The above table is only a guide. Manufactures don’t like to make it easy as every single one of them strays from the measurements above.

So, once you have received your chosen footwear please take the time to do these simple tests to check they are actually the right size and that they fit the rest of your foot correctly.

The length test

  1. Whip out the removable footbed from the boots.
  2. Put them on the floor about shoulder-width apart.
  3. With your socks on, stand on the footbeds making sure that your heels are right to the back of the heel cup.
  4. You should now be able to see approximately 2 cm (about an index fingers width) of the footbed poking out in front of your toes.

If you can see this amount of space then you are pretty much on the way to making sure that your boots are the correct size. This space between your toes and the end of the footbed ensures that you will not stub your toes on the inside of the boot when you descend. This can be excruciatingly painful. If you can’t see this amount of space then it’s a good bet that the boots will be too small.

The heel lift test

This test will tell you if the shape of the internal heel cup matches your heel to ensure it holds you securely, especially when ascending steep ground. We are trying to eliminate the dreaded heel blister.

Before you commence this test it is imperative that you have laced the boots correctly.

  1. Tap your heel so it’s as far back in the boot as possible, being sure to keep your foot at a right angle to your leg at all times during the next few steps.
  2. Make sure that the laces have no slack in them across the forefoot by starting at the front of the boot and working the slack backwards and to the top. You should just be able to squeeze the end section of your finger under the laces, not easily, but just about.
  3. If you are wearing shoes then ensure the last upper part of the lacing is tight, not cutting off your circulation tight, but certainly comfortably snug as this will hold your heel back in the heel cup and will reduce any excess slipping (If you are wearing boots, this will be the eyelets that sit just below/inline the ankle).
  4. Please also make sure when trying out boots that use all the lace hooks, don’t be tempted to leave the top one undone as your foot needs to be held securely right in the back of the boot.
  5. Now that your boots are done up properly stand up on your tiptoes and walk on the spot on the balls of your feet as if you are walking up a steep hill. If your heels lift more than approximately 5mm from the footbed you may need to pull the laces tighter, or the boots may just be the wrong shape for you.

The toe wiggle test

This test is designed to check whether you have enough room around your toes. Your toes need to be in a happy place, they need plenty of room to wiggle without being squashed together, or cramped in from above. However they don’t want to be swimming around in acres of space either, this will cause friction blisters and stability problems when traversing hillsides. So, with the boots done up properly, walk around your house and make sure that your toes can wiggle freely.

Home Trial Period

However, even after the most rigorous assessment and testing, there is no better way to be absolutely sure than to have the boots on your feet for an extended period of time. We therefore offer our Home Trial Period which gives you the opportunity to wear the boots around your house to give you an indication of how they feel before you venture outside. We recommend that during the Home Trial Period that you wear the boots for as long as possible and at different times of the day, wear them up and down stairs, when moving around and when resting, you can even sleep in them if you want. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During the Home Trial Period we insist that the boots are worn indoors only. All footwear must be returned in a new and perfect condition with the original packaging and a proof of purchase. We retain the right to refuse to refund or exchange if footwear shows any sign of being worn outside.

For full details on footwear aftercare please check out our related blog here.

Technical Information

Weight: 480g

Upper: Suede/Air 8000

Lining: Sanifit

Outsole: Vibram Swot with updated TOE RAND

Construction: Cemented Microporosa midsole/rubber sole

Lasting board stiffness: Soft

Lasting board: IMS 4.2mm nylon + microporosa

Upper protection: Bycast rand

Upper thickness: 1.6mm

Weight: 1060 grams (pair size 8)

  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    First of all the boots arrived within hours rather than days which was excellent given that I was up against a tight timeline. The boots are exceptionally comfortable and very light and required no breaking in. They get wet very quickly but they dry out equally fast. I had been warned that the sizes were conservative so I was glad that I ordered half a size bigger than normal - they fit perfectly. I am more than happy with the boots and the service.
    YES Henry would recommend this item
  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    This is an excellent boot, The are very good at keeping your feet cool in the Afghan heat. Would recommend to all.
    YES Rob would recommend this item
  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    Quite simply, AKU boots are the best Ive ever worn. Years of fell walking in Scarpas, KSBs, etc, and 22 years in the infantry and I went with the early craze for Altbergs - my first pair were great, the second pair not and so I went back to issue for many years until somebody suggested AKUs. The Mk1 Gtx pair are still going strong post-retirement as a 3 season walking boot at home in the fells of Cumbria but before that, they served me well on everything from UK based exercise to a 9 month tour in Africa, their first time on was on a CFT and, to the surprise of my colleagues, no blisters, hotspots or damage, just comfort and speed. Such was my confidence in AKU when I started my second career in a different uniform, while everybody else is wearing clumpy Altbergs, I went for a pair of black Spiders - theyve come in to their own, driving, running after people, working a mix of urban and rural areas, all so much easier in light, comfortable, low profile boots, while my new colleagues follow in my wake. So much so, Ive just ordered a third pair of AKUs - black Goretex Pilgrims, which will be perfect for winter duty wear now that the snows arrived up here.
    YES Dave would recommend this item
  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    The best boot, cant wait to try them out in the Nevada heat.
    YES Dan ODonnell would recommend this item
  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    Excellent boot straight out the box and onto the feet like Ive worn them for ages. Super service by Trekitt
    YES Smudge would recommend this item
  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    Excellent boots very light and comfortable and a great service from trekitt
    YES Shaun would recommend this item
  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    Best boots ive ever owned. Straight out the box, 8 mile tab and not a single heat spot or blister. They're like the slippers I wear in the old folks home.
    YES Mabel would recommend this item
  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    Fantastic service again from Trekitt, these boots are like trainers, so comfortable. Sizing is a tiny bit on the neat side, to help I was a size 10 in salomon quest 4D GTX and the 10.5 in this was spot on. Very pleased with the boots and service
    YES Alan would recommend this item
  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    All day comfort,driving,walking,climbing.Can collect sand behind heel,but would apply to any boot of this height. Good grip on all surfaces apart from wet rock.Dry very quickly if insole removed. Might be signs of mk2 toe box rand de-laminating after first month,will monitor at the moment. Love these boots and buying experience was fast and simple.
    YES Rich would recommend this item
  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    Excellent boot and very comfy in hot weather, excellent service from trekitt
    YES JJ would recommend this item
  • 5

    AKU Navy Seal Spider Desert Beige ,  On

    Amazing boot - travelled through the Andes in these boots and then down into the eastern amazon basin. The boots stood up to everything from dry rugged rocks to humid jungle conditions. Light, stable, comfortable. Highly recommend
    YES Conor would recommend this item
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