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AKU Pilgrim HL GTX Black

AKU Pilgrim HL GTX Black

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Other colours available:
AKU Pilgrim HL GTX MOD Brown

A supportive and waterproof 9 inch high tactical boot. Gore-Tex lined and extremely breathable with full support and flexibility. Perfect for arduous duties in temperate conditions.

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We currently only have a limited size range left in stock until early spring 2018, so if you require a size that isn't in stock then please use the "notify me" function by selecting your size at the top left of this page. An orange box saying "notify me" will appear, hit this and enter your email address and you will be notified as soon as stock becomes available.

This is the High Leg version of the hugely successful AKU Pilgrim GTX boot. These boots are exclusive to Trekitt in the UK and were developed from the original AKU Navy Seal to provide a stable and supportive multi-purpose 9" ankle boot with a full Gore-Tex lining for complete waterproofing and unparalleled breathability. The Pilgrim range of boots have been used throughout the world by special forces and emergency services for effective rapid intervention work and specialist operations.

This version features a trusted and reliable Vibram Black carbon rubber sole compound that flexes and moulds to the terrain yet remains hard wearing and durable.

This GTX model is perfect for demanding duties in temperate wet climates where waterproofing and breathability are critical. The uppers are made from Air 8000, making the Pilgrim HL GTX 30% more breathable than traditionally constructed Gore-Tex fabric boots. This is achieved by laminating the Gore-Tex lining to the nylon face fabric using micro dot net glue which uses adhesive in a matrix pattern to ensure maximum breathability and structural integrity. Other manufacturers use a complete layer of glue to stick the lining to the outer, this effectively blocks up the Gore-Tex membrane and greatly reduces breathability.

The face fabric is a tough 3D woven nylon constructed with a raised and increased surface area which provides outstanding abrasion resistance. The combination of these technologies allows the Pilgrim HL GTX to breathe 30% better than any of its competitors.

The key to the comfort and support of the Pilgrim HL GTX is the AKU Internal Midsole System which uses an anatomically shaped 3D midsole that mimics the natural foot shape. Normally midsoles are flat and offer no support to the foot, only dictating the stiffness of the boot. With an IMS 3D midsole the foot is cradled in a relaxed position therefore reducing fatigue and minimising foot movement. Above the IMS midsole is a 3mm layer of high density EVA, this protects the user from loading forces particularly when carrying heavy packs and provides a layer of protective support for foot rather than it resting on a hard material. Below the IMS midsole is a thicker layer of 5mm (under the forefoot) and 17mm (under the heel) high density EVA which absorbs impact forces from the ground. IMS 3D anatomical midsoles remove the need to “upgrade” boots with off the shelf supports and insoles.

The AKU Pilgrim HL GTX features the tried and tested internal shape for improved forefoot width and secure heel grip making this boot perfectly capable of long tours and extended duties. The Vibram Black outsole features deep lugs for improved grip on a variety of terrain and has a built in rocker to produce a stable and progressive walking platform.

Proved on duty and in operation the Pilgrim has become the boot of choice for specialist armed forces and emergency services throughout the world and is available in 6" ankle and 9" high leg versions.

VAT free sales for qualifying customers outside of the EU please contact us by email (support@trekitt.co.uk) for prices and delivery charges.

  • IMS - Internal Midsole System for support and stability
  • Gore-Tex lining - waterproof and breathable
  • AIR8000 - Superb breathability and quick drying
  • Vibram Black Sole - Reliable grip and impact absorption
  • Proven in worldwide operations
Care & Advice

Here at Trekitt we know all too well of the difficulties people face when purchasing footwear online. The hardest part is being confident that you have picked the correct fitting footwear, so that is what we will cover in this blog (or if you prefer you can CLICK HERE to watch our video).

In our Hereford shop we offer a professional boot fitting service where we assess your feet, find a selection of boots that match you foot shape and most importantly we make sure that they are comfortable. This is easy to do in the shop, where we have access to the right tools, the option of letting you try on as many styles as you like and a knowledgeable member of staff that can communicate directly with you regarding your needs.

But let’s not dwell on what you don’t have, instead we shall teach you how to ascertain your size using some common household objects.

What you will need:

  1. A piece of A4 paper
  2. A pen or pencil
  3. A floor and a flat wall
  4. A ruler or tape measure

What you need to do:

  1. Put on the socks that you intend to use with the footwear you have selected
  2. Place the paper/cardboard on the floor with one end flush against a wall
  3. Stand on the A4 paper with your heel pressed firmly against the wall and your foot pointed forward with the edge of your big toe aligned with the edge of the paper.
  4. Draw a line just in front of your big toe
  5. Measure the distance from the wall edge of the paper to the line you drew
  6. Repeat the process for the other foot
  7. Finally, check the longer of the two measurements against the table below to find your size
Your measurement (cm) UK Size EU Size
21.7 3 35
22.1 3.5 36
22.5 4 37
22.9 4.5 37.5
23.3 5 38
23.7 5.5 39
24.1 6 39.5
24.5 6.5 40
24.9 7 41
25.4 7.5 41.5
25.8 8 42
26.2 8.5 42.5
26.6 9 43
27 9.5 44
27.4 10 44.5
27.8 10.5 45
28.3 11 46
28.8 11.5 46.5
29.2 12 47
29.6 12.5 47.5
30 13 48
30.4 13.5 49

NOTE: The above table is only a guide. Manufactures don’t like to make it easy as every single one of them strays from the measurements above.

So, once you have received your chosen footwear please take the time to do these simple tests to check they are actually the right size and that they fit the rest of your foot correctly.

The length test

  1. Whip out the removable footbed from the boots.
  2. Put them on the floor about shoulder-width apart.
  3. With your socks on, stand on the footbeds making sure that your heels are right to the back of the heel cup.
  4. You should now be able to see approximately 2 cm (about an index fingers width) of the footbed poking out in front of your toes.

If you can see this amount of space then you are pretty much on the way to making sure that your boots are the correct size. This space between your toes and the end of the footbed ensures that you will not stub your toes on the inside of the boot when you descend. This can be excruciatingly painful. If you can’t see this amount of space then it’s a good bet that the boots will be too small.

The heel lift test

This test will tell you if the shape of the internal heel cup matches your heel to ensure it holds you securely, especially when ascending steep ground. We are trying to eliminate the dreaded heel blister.

Before you commence this test it is imperative that you have laced the boots correctly.

  1. Tap your heel so it’s as far back in the boot as possible, being sure to keep your foot at a right angle to your leg at all times during the next few steps.
  2. Make sure that the laces have no slack in them across the forefoot by starting at the front of the boot and working the slack backwards and to the top. You should just be able to squeeze the end section of your finger under the laces, not easily, but just about.
  3. If you are wearing shoes then ensure the last upper part of the lacing is tight, not cutting off your circulation tight, but certainly comfortably snug as this will hold your heel back in the heel cup and will reduce any excess slipping (If you are wearing boots, this will be the eyelets that sit just below/inline the ankle).
  4. Please also make sure when trying out boots that use all the lace hooks, don’t be tempted to leave the top one undone as your foot needs to be held securely right in the back of the boot.
  5. Now that your boots are done up properly stand up on your tiptoes and walk on the spot on the balls of your feet as if you are walking up a steep hill. If your heels lift more than approximately 5mm from the footbed you may need to pull the laces tighter, or the boots may just be the wrong shape for you.

The toe wiggle test

This test is designed to check whether you have enough room around your toes. Your toes need to be in a happy place, they need plenty of room to wiggle without being squashed together, or cramped in from above. However they don’t want to be swimming around in acres of space either, this will cause friction blisters and stability problems when traversing hillsides. So, with the boots done up properly, walk around your house and make sure that your toes can wiggle freely.

Home Trial Period

However, even after the most rigorous assessment and testing, there is no better way to be absolutely sure than to have the boots on your feet for an extended period of time. We therefore offer our Home Trial Period which gives you the opportunity to wear the boots around your house to give you an indication of how they feel before you venture outside. We recommend that during the Home Trial Period that you wear the boots for as long as possible and at different times of the day, wear them up and down stairs, when moving around and when resting, you can even sleep in them if you want. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During the Home Trial Period we insist that the boots are worn indoors only. All footwear must be returned in a new and perfect condition with the original packaging and a proof of purchase. We retain the right to refuse to refund or exchange if footwear shows any sign of being worn outside.

For full details on footwear aftercare please check out our related blog here.

Technical Information

Weight: 1.36kg (pair size 8)

  • 5

    Reviewed by Roelf,  On 20/09/2014 09:50:33

    Really satisfied with these boots great ankle support and very light, cant go wrong with these boots.
    YES Roelf would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Ed,  On 28/03/2015 09:18:15

    Cracking pair of boots. Well made and very comfortable. There built to take on anything.
    YES Ed would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Watkin,  On 31/05/2015 12:14:07

    Early days yet as boots are only worn for a week and not experienced genuine off road conditions. To date they have met all expectations and have proved to be waterproof, comfortable and accurately sized according to your sizeing guide. A weeks deer stalking should produce a fuller review. 5 star to date pending future performance.
    YES Watkin would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Anthony ,  On 18/07/2015 12:50:42

    Ive gone for these boots as I have the AKU spider boots (4 issued pairs from the army on med issue) and they are amazing. AKU as a brand are the best boots Ive ever been issued in 19 years and would highly recommend to anyone
    YES Anthony would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Anthony,  On 30/07/2015 20:58:01

    Arrived to me in Sierra Leone yesterday. Boots are absolutely amazing and so glad I got them. 100 times better than army issued ones!! Id advise any AKU boot as Ive got the spiders too
    YES Anthony would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Jame miller,  On 18/08/2015 17:42:12

    These are some of the best boots I have ever bought. I like the grip on the sole of the boot and also the ankle support it gives when carrying heavy loads over difficult terrain.
    YES Jame miller would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Josh,  On 02/11/2015 14:31:05

    Just wore these out on exercise for the first time and I couldnt be happier. They kept my feet dry while tabbing through mud, long grass and wet thickets. They also dried out way faster than my issue leather Gortex boots. Theyre also really light and comfortable, dont even need to be worn in. I highly recommend these boots.
    YES Josh would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Donny,  On 19/11/2015 12:55:10

    Bought these from you and had the chance to test them through 2 days of the recent storm Abigail that past through Scotland when I was on the island of Arran at the weekend. Feet bone dry throughout. Cheers.
    YES Donny would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Donny MacDonald,  On 24/11/2015 08:50:55

    Spent three days with these constantly soaked on the Isle of Arran during the recent Strom Abigail. Feet stayed bone dry throughout. Quite rare since they never had a chance to dry out in-between outings. Worth every penny.
    YES Donny MacDonald would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Jonny hardpants,  On 14/08/2014 08:50:04

    This is an excellent product , I have never worn such a comfy and supportive boot. Worn for the first time on the 3 peaks challenge and not the slightest rub or blister! Highly recommended for walking,general duties or leisure activities.
    YES Jonny hardpants would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Mark,  On 04/11/2014 09:08:23

    Decent level of ankle support. Very comfortable from the get go - dont really need breaking in. They look ally and do the job. Highly recommended.
    YES Mark would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Neill,  On 05/10/2015 10:06:30

    Excellent boot, fits like a glove,a real Gucci piece of kit, highly recommended.
    YES Neill would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Paul,  On 16/10/2015 20:52:20

    Excellent boot, extremely light and comfortable. Straight out of box and worn for 11 hrs with no rubs, still too early to comment on winter wear but appear to be well insulated. Have worn Danner boots for the last 10 years and these boots are certainly in contention. Cleaned up well after getting muddy, look the dogs too.
    YES Paul would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Darren Kelly,  On 20/11/2015 18:23:04

    Hey guys! Excellent boots. My job revolves around good kit,and these are super comfy. Excellent service, very quick, and please pass on my thanks to Chick for the Haribos 😄. Nice touch . Thanks again, Darren .
    YES Darren Kelly would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Chris,  On 22/01/2016 16:57:50

    these boots are outstanding, comfortable straight from the box, worn them all day on varied wet slippy surfaces, warm dry feet, and totally dry socks even after a TAB, only improvement would be the mid lace locking that Altberg have, will definatly think of a Destert Pair
    YES Chris would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Alexander ,  On 23/02/2016 20:20:40

    This boot never disappoints, It is designed to wear for everyday use and is perfect fit. Beautiful hand made and you know the quality as soon as you put the boots on your feet. I will not spend my money on any other boot. AKU are the leading makers in comfort and durability! If your going to spend this kind of money then you wont go wrong with this boot! DS OR GTX I love em.
    YES Alexander would recommend this item
  • 4

    Reviewed by A,  On 10/06/2016 22:19:31

    I bought these to walk the entire West Highland Way. But due to the GPO not leaving a card I only had time to do a cusrory indoor test before having to go outdoors in them and therefore accepting them. The last 20 miles of the WHW were done by taxi to the Belford because I just couldnt walk. Not due to blisters, the boots worked well in that respect, but due to narrowness. Why? Well the sizes are not that clear. I wanted a euro 48, I ordered deliberately bigger in Imperial at 12.5 but got a Euro 47.5, not such a problem for weeknd use and ok lengthwise, but it should have been a total no no had I the sense or time left to send these back. Its really hard to find boot shops anywhere that stock big sizes so it had to be internet with the ability to send back. I would love these to have been the proper size, or to have had the option to order in euro size. I even checked AKU out to see if they were the same company as I had a briliant pair of AKUs about 25 years ago. As boots go, theyve done about 150 miles and still look brand new. So they are a good buy. The insoles that come with them have a ridge running around the heel. So its a good idea to check that wont bother you. One foot felt the insole ridge, one foot didnt. Just make sure to buy them with time in hand to send back the wrong size. Or like I will next time specify exactly what size you want in whatever format is your chosen fit. They look great, caused immense pain, but look like the same quality as the AKUs that lasted until they had holes through the sole. So, like Cinderella, get the fit right and these should do great trips.
    YES A would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Justin,  On 23/06/2016 13:39:21

    Whore these boots for the first time when out on my motorbike a couple of weekends ago Wow I was so impressed I have tried quite a few pairs of so called waterproof boots before and been disappointed What a test it was for these we went through flooded roads and my feet stayed bone dry Also the grip is superb on all surface types An excellent product very impressed
    YES Justin would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Lukasz,  On 11/11/2016 16:07:01

    After research of a few brands I have finally bought AKU. Light, well made boots that have kept my feet dry on my hiking trips. Only shame is that I find it really hard to get aku proofing spray and cream in UK.
    YES Lukasz would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Simon,  On 24/09/2017 20:09:29

    Great boot - ordered wrong size first time around but team at Trekkit were first class and ordered new one and got refund on old one - 10/10 service
    YES Simon would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Stuart,  On 09/10/2017 19:42:21

    Ive worn some boots over the years, both in a Military and leisure capacity, but these boots are something else! They are sturdy enough to deal with the rockiest of routes and the Goretex is ultra breathable but keeps your feet bone dry. Theyre light and I have to say, running in these feels great. Im already considering investing in a second pair as I love them that much!!
    YES Stuart would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Danni,  On 25/10/2017 18:53:35

    The Aku Pikgrim GTX is money well spent. They offer excellent comfort taking next to no time to break in and the high leg version give great support on varied terrains and undulating ground. They are so light for such a robust boot and they have a great fit, I have quite narrow feet and have always struggled to find a snug fitting boot, Alt-Berg and Lowas always seemed to feel very wide with no real way of tightening the width of boot. These are now my ‘go to’ boots for everything especially loaded marches.
    YES Danni would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Tom,  On 15/05/2018 15:53:49

    Tried size 11.5 as advised they used the same last as Altbergs. However 11.5 just too large, especially as I rarely use thick socks. No fuss, second pair arrived and fitted perfectly in size 11. Great boots, same height as Altberg Jungles. Wore them loads straight from the box. Really comfortable and supportive. You can really feel these are designed for long distance and weight bearing, as the sole and midsole are solid and stable. I also wear them for work in law enforcement. The only issue is they are not polishable leather and the rand is made of bomb-proof but rough material. This rand retains a layer of mud and needs to be cleaned to be presentable for duty. I use an old washing-up brush and water to scrub the residue off, leaving them fit for duty. They will now be my go-to boots for operational matters. I also wore them to the range off duty today, didnt look out of place. They will be a good pair of walking boots as well. My only regret (as I dithered all winter about buying these) is that they are, being Gore-Tex, quite warm so over the summer I may have to revert to my Jungle boots unless it is wet under foot. Highly recommended.
    YES Tom would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Jason P,  On 03/06/2018 09:01:59

    Owned for just over a year now and despite being up mountains, submerged in streams and rivers, exposed to concrete, plaster and other nastiness these things just keep going. By far the best boot Ive owned which have previously included Eagles, Lowas and Hanwag.
    YES Jason P would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by J J,  On 21/06/2018 05:46:07

    Bought these boots as a replacement for a pair of Altbergs, which were coming to the end of their service, although they will be resoled for civi use. I thought I’d give Aku a chance as I’d previously heard good things, I’m very glad I did. The boots are very lightweight, but offer great support and feel well made. Out of the box the fit was spot on, with very little adjustment of the laces required. I wore them for a 12hr nightshift the day they arrived and experienced no hotspots or blisters. The only negatives I can see so far is the price, although they were on offer when I purchased them and the service from Trekitt was fantastic. I work on the ARVs in a busy inner city environment, working an average of 60 hours a week. From my first impressions I can see these boots lasting and withstanding the rigours of my work.
    YES J J would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Josh,  On 02/07/2018 14:20:05

    Great boots, been wearing them operationally for a few weeks now with no problems. Very comfortable and far more flexible than Altberg boots that I have previously worn.
    YES Josh would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Christian,  On 23/10/2018 08:03:09

    Straight out of the box and out on 10 day exercise and not a single rub or blister. Very comfortable and well ventilated, I highly recommend these boots. Also thanks to Trekitt for a speedy handling of my order and a hassle free shipment to Sweden.
    YES Christian would recommend this item
  • 4

    Reviewed by Josh,  On 11/02/2016 10:51:06

    Awesome set of boots and now in a more Sgt. Major freindly colour.
    YES Josh would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Gozzy ,  On 10/05/2016 17:11:54

    I have been wearing military issue boots for 30 years an they have served me an my country well, I was very sceptical about spending so much money on a pair of boots. I used the trekit size guide before ordering an realised that I always wore boots to big for me, I no things shrink as you get older but your feet Im not sure about? Anyway these boots are something very very special, Ive been wearing them for a week constantly an they are already more comfortable than any other boot Ive ever owned. My advice is buy them comfort has no price!!!! Brilliant.
    YES Gozzy would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Rob,  On 20/07/2016 14:16:32

    Very comfortable straight out of the box. Unlike most gore-tex boots these are relatively cool in warmer weather and certainly my feet do not sweat. I would recommend as a lightweight comfortable waterproof boot.
    YES Rob would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by R.W.,  On 26/10/2016 16:27:52

    I now have tested the Pilgrim hl to my satisfaction. I have been out in all weathers and terrain on Dartmoor. They are waterproof, warm and very comfortable.They are so light to wear and flexible. I would recommend these to any organisation who requires good honest comfortable boots.
    YES R.W. would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Knight ,  On 11/12/2016 15:42:40

    I was recommended these boots from a friend who is also serving, I've covered over 20 miles in the first weekend of getting them, feel great, supportive and no breaking in needed! A great tabbing boot. Ally and Gucci ;)
    YES Knight would recommend this item
  • 4

    Reviewed by Graeme,  On 21/03/2017 22:12:43

    Straight out the box these were far superior. Comparing them to Altbergs. I wasn't sure about the fabric uppers, however, there is far more ankle support and the weight difference isn't much but they are noticeably lighter. I struggled to eliminate the heel lift, but then I had Superfeet green insoles fitted and these boots went to another level. Very nice to run in, haven't did much hill running yet but will do soon
    YES Graeme would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Ian,  On 05/04/2017 12:07:34

    Having had AKU boots before I knew they would be good quality. Had them on every day, brilliant fit. Will definitely get another pair.
    YES Ian would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Rhys,  On 10/04/2017 21:10:15

    I bought these boots for my son who is in the army. He is going to Canada for 8 weeks, his mates who have just come back had told him how these boots are the ones all the soldiers recommend as the boots that are issued to them as standard are not up to the job and harsh conditions. He cant get over the quality and sturdiness of the boots. Hes started wearing them to get them broken in, but hes been told they will stand up to the job without any problem. Ill let you know what happens in 8 weeks.
    YES Rhys would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Rabin,  On 20/04/2017 21:07:33

    Brilliant kit thankyou
    YES Rabin would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by A jock,  On 16/06/2017 16:20:10

    Awesome boot
    YES A jock would recommend this item
  • 4

    Reviewed by Wayne,  On 12/10/2017 14:46:47

    As usual aku have produced a truly amazing pair of boots, however they are quite a small fitting and having now completely worn them in and compleated various activities, I wish I had gone up a size. I purchased an 11 and am now considerering a second purchase to get a better fit.
    YES Wayne would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Nick,  On 14/11/2017 12:45:04

    Brilliant boots straight out of the box. Didnt require any breaking in.
    YES Nick would recommend this item
  • 4

    Reviewed by Scott,  On 25/01/2018 17:19:42

    I wore them fresh out of the box and the comfort is great and they fit fine. I used them for 4 miles the day i got them and they were awful but i think this was down to them being brand spanking and stiff. I can see the waterproofing would be gleaming and they have allot of support. If i could get away with wearing low leg i would but no joy these days. 8 out of 10 but only due to how bad they affected me on first tab.
    YES Scott would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Owen,  On 28/03/2018 20:17:03

    Bought these on recommendation from a friend, and Im extremely happy with them. Incredibly comfortable, breathable, grippy and plenty of support. Used them for a days airsoft and had no issues at all, going to test them a bit more at an upcoming milsim, but on forest impressions Id recommend them to anyone.
    YES Owen would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Martin,  On 13/04/2018 16:12:23

    First military boots where I have literally walked away from my choice of Lowas. Well after a week on exercise Im not going back, straight on out of the box and like slippers for the week.
    YES Martin would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Enzo,  On 19/04/2018 13:37:26

    Fantastic. Wore them straight out the box for dog walking initially just to break them in for a few weeks. Took them out for a 5 miler today and added a scholl insole and now they’re incredible.
    YES Enzo would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Neil,  On 24/04/2018 13:17:39

    Superb boots. Extremely sturdy for such lightweight footwear. Great support, and decent laces. Used a lot in the Scottish Highlands on clearfell, peat hags, and windblown forestry. Good grip on most surfaces, and easy to clean. Really rate these, and will replace with like for like when the time comes.
    YES Neil would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by alex . ,  On 27/04/2018 17:23:17

    Delighted with these boots. Arrived fast & really well wrapped. Superb service, first pair of tactical boots ive been really impressed with. Thank you!
    YES alex . would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Mike,  On 04/06/2018 18:13:00

    Fanatic service from Trekitt as always. Another great boot from AKU, have been using the pilgrim for years, have had both the mk1 and mk2 in low top, decided to take a higher top this time for a bit more support and don’t regret it. Instantly comfortable out of the box, great fit, true to size. Very capable boot for both on camp and exercise ! Highly recommend, another fantastic boot from AKU
    YES Mike would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Muhammad,  On 16/08/2018 08:52:46

    The best boot i have ever purchased
    YES Muhammad would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Steve,  On 23/08/2018 12:48:22

    Well after much deliberation I decided to opt for the much lauded and recommended Aku Pilgrim hi leg and can honestly say they are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Straight out of the box they are good to go. Comfort, stability and control.. of your looking for a fast moving boot that keeps you dry and ankles supported this is a great boot.. If you are after a boot to do events like the fandance, this is a great go to boot. Try it, you’ll not be disappointed. For info, I opted a half size up and so far they are spot on, no toe nudging against the front and no blisters on the heel.. A thank you must be given to the community of Gone Tabbing for their recommendation.
    YES Steve would recommend this item
  • 5

    Reviewed by Richard,  On 26/11/2018 21:51:06

    I bought my AKU Pilgrim HL GTX MOD Brown a few months ago. Since then they have been on a few exercises and local walks near home. I think they have performed beautifully every time. In the wet and cold normal leather boots (even the issued Altberg Warrior boots) can often leave me with cold feet as the cold seeps through the leather. My feet have stayed dry, but just really cold. These AKU boots have left me with dry feet that have not also become cold, which has been a huge relief for me! It has taken a while to find boots that perform this well. I am normally a UK size 10 - 10.5 (brand dependent) and opted for the Euro 45. This size has worked out well and allowed me to use my normal orthotics without any bending or crumpling. They are warm, coomfortable, keep my feet dry and just don’t need cleaning like my normal boots on exercise. What is not to like?! I think these are better than the issue AKUs (sole colour is the obvious difference) as they are waterproof and higher up the leg, providing greater ankle support and stability on rough terrain.
    YES Richard would recommend this item
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    AKU Pilgrim HL GTX Black

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    Excellent customer service. Really detailed easy to understand product descriptions on the Trekitt website, and gear reviews on the Trekitt YouTube channel made it so easy to choose the right backpack for me.

    Emily - May 2020

    Amazing service! Very helpful in regards sizing and what most matched my needs, despite this being done over the internet. YouTube videos of products being examined are very useful also. Would definitely use again, very fast and efficient delivery. Brilliant! Highly recommended!

    David R - April 2020

    Highly recommend. I usually go to the shop in Hereford as staff are alwasy very helpful and knowledgeable. So this was the first time I have purchased online and the service was just as good as the shop.

    Grizzy - April 2020

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