24/06/2019 10:07:26

Review: Rab Nebula Pro

Introduction Although the Nebula Pro may not have been something I would have picked prior to this testing, I’m glad I have it in my kit arsenal; it fills a much-needed gap which I hadn’t realised was missing! What’s it made from? Lots of things! The outer is made from the surprisingly durable.... More

24/06/2019 09:25:39

Jacobs Fjallraven Training Trip to Sweden

I recently had the incredible opportunity to travel over to Sweden to have training with Fjallraven! It was an incredible, valuable trip and extremely interesting to see how Fjallraven work. First of all, Swedish bikes are different. Very different. The novelty of accidentally pedalling backwards and halting to an abrupt stop happened on more occasions then I.... More

29/04/2019 09:34:08

Review: Montane Women’s Iridium Hybrid

Hello Trekitteers! Finally time for another Gear Review! This time, I've had the pleasure of using and abusing the Montane Women's Iridium Hybrid for the ENTIRE winter season so I can bring you a full report on what I loved and what I wasn't the biggest fan of. So first of all, what is it? The.... More

23/04/2019 13:49:11

How to pack for a day running in the mountains

Hello Trekitteers! Todays blog is all about how and what to pack for a day of running in the mountains. This is the standard kit that I would pack into my Montane VIA Claw 14 (we sell the Montane VIA Razor 15) if I was heading out for a full day. I do have a much smaller running.... More

29/03/2019 17:31:17

Which Baselayer Should You Choose?

Hi Trekitteers! The aim of todays blog is to talk you through some basics about baselayers. Your baselayer is the fundamental part of your layering system – The layering system comprises mainly of your baselayer, midlayer and shell outer layer. The baselayers job is fundamentally to control and manage your temperature whether you’re working hard or stationary..... More
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