27/07/2018 14:52:49

Mend our Mountains: Make One Million Campaign by the BMC || The Who, The What and Why Trekitt Decided To Get On Board

Hello Trekitteers! I'm assuming you’re here because you too share a love for the outdoors; so whether you're a UK resident or you just have a love for the landscapes found in our collection of phenomenal National Parks, then this is a project you're going to want to know about. The project, headed up.... More

10/05/2018 15:24:20

The New ‘Green’ Trekitt Van

Lets assume that as you’ve found this page, you’re at least mildly interested in an outdoor recreation; whether that be climbing, walking, biking, kayaking or a host of other options. Imagine if those places were to suddenly become inaccessible, what would you do with your spare time? Yes, you could longingly stare out of a sodden window with a miserable.... More

02/03/2018 12:39:01

Shipping has been suspended & opening times may vary.

Shipping has been suspended & opening times may vary. Royal Mail, DPD and FedEx have suspended our shipping service due to the current adverse weather conditions. As a direct result, there will be delays on all order place around this time period so we kindly ask all of our customers to be patient. Orders.... More

01/03/2018 11:45:15

The Beast From The East: Shipping Update

We want to let all of our customers know that due to Storm Emma, and the fact we are located right on the edge of the Met Office Red Warning Area, our normal delivery times may be disrupted. We also need to make sure all our staff are safe and may have to close the shop/warehouse at short.... More

14/08/2017 11:03:34

Important Systems Update

Dear Trekitt Customers Please note that we are introducing a major upgrade to our entire software suite including tills and data management systems on the 16th/17th August 2017. We are doing this to invest in the future security and efficiency of this growing business. The new system will enable us to improve the way we work,.... More
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