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For the 2014 winter season Trekitt will be re-introducing Mountain Equipment (M.E) to our brand portfolio. M.E have been making high quality mountaineering and expedition clothing and equipment since 1961 and have been involved with every British first ascent of an 8000 metre peak. They particularly excel at making products that are designed to meet the demands of British mountaineers and hill walkers and always focus on function.
Mountain Equipment have really pulled out all the stops for this 2014 winter season and introduced a completely re-designed clothing range that uses the most technologically advanced materials and production techniques combined with a radical approach to garment design and fit to ensure their products perform in the environment they were intended for. They have also tightened up their distribution, focusing now on partners with excellent technical knowledge and who understand the needs of the end user and the ethics of the M.E brand.
To deliver these changes M.E have used their 50 years plus experience and teamed up with a specialist Swiss clothing design and pattern house to develop,  from scratch, a range of “fit blocks” that perfectly map the three dimensional shape of the body, eliminating unnecessary bulk and weight whilst keeping you protected through a full range of motion. These “fit blocks” are available in both men’s and women’s and across all clothing types to ensure a consistent fit and shape. Available in Alpine Fit, Mountain Fit and Active Fit, the clue is in the name!  Alpine for a trim fit with room for layers and loads of maneuverability, Mountain for those wanting a roomier fit with all the articulation and Active for a minimal athletic fit with skinny layers.  Each fit is perfectly matched to their intended use.
As well as completely re-designing the shape of garments M.E have introduced what they call “Storm Construction” that uses high performance fabrics and the best functional design features to keep the weather out. Storm Fit incorporates seam placement and construction, face fabrics, strategic reinforcements, storm guards and a range of YKK zips. Every garment with Storm Construction benefits from all of M.E’s experience of fierce weather protection and uses the latest and best possible materials and technologies to ensure your safety, protection and performance in the mountains.
My favourite improvement has to be their new hood designs. I am known to be a bit of a hood pedant and can be heard moaning to suppliers about poor hood design or hoods that are perfectly helmet compatible but completely unwearable if you’re not using a lid.  M.E has always designed good hoods, but now they are even better! There’s the Mountain Hood for those who never wear a helmet, the Mountain HC Hood for those who occasionally wear a helmet and the Super Alpine HC Hood for those who always wear a helmet. Each of these three designs uses a proper stiffened and wired visor that won’t deform in strong winds and offers unhindered peripheral vision whilst the overall design and construction will keep your head protected and comfortable whether you’re wearing a beanie, a helmet, or nothing at all.
All of these superb design, fit, material and construction improvements have been driven by the specific needs of the intended end user; M.E have concentrated on making the best possible kit, in the best possible way to make your time in the mountains safer and more enjoyable. This makes a refreshing change to others who churn out product based on marketing hype or to satisfy the cravings of corporate growth strategies.

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"I first noticed Trekitt by their fantastic YouTube videos, which were very informative and honest. So I headed on over to the website and looked at various coats to try and determine which to go for. Being a bit of a muppet I didn't really have a clue what was best so contacted customer services who directed me to a few coats but said he would go away (over the weekend!) and think some more and get back to me Monday. I thought it was just a fob off as the conversation had been going a while but low and behold on Monday morning an email appears with suggestions! I was so pleasantly surprised that if I hadn't already been convinced to buy with them, it was concreted then. I bought 2 coats from them the same day and very shortly after they appeared. The fit was exactly as they had suggested it would be, the quality of the items was as described and I am very happy with them. In this day and age of large companies taking a backward step from customer service, it is such a breath of fresh air to be treated with such a personal touch. If I ever need anything outdoorsy, I know exactly where I'm going."

Piers  •  Oct 2019.

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