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Footwear Fitting Service

Words by Paul on 25/04/2016 16:19:52

footwear fitting service

In order to fully enjoy your time outdoors it is imperative that your chosen footwear fits you correctly. You may be able to compromise on the fit and function of your clothing but you should never compromise on the fit and function of your boots. If they don’t fit properly you may suffer from blisters, painful feet or even injury making it impossible to participate in your chosen activity.

At our Hereford shop we are able to make a full assessment of your needs and foot shape so that we can ensure you get the right product that fits correctly.

  • Foot measurement. To get the right fit we need to know the size of your feet. Our feet change over time and whilst we think we might be a certain size we may actually be completely different. There is also no definitive sizing structure used by all manufacturers, whilst you may be a certain size in one brand you could be a completely different size in another. We use a Brannock device to give us an initial guide to your size and then our knowledge and experience to ascertain which size will suit from which brand.

  • Custom Fit Service. We can fine tune the fit of your footwear using lacing techniques, a range of footbeds and insoles and different weights and thicknesses of socks.

  • Fit Testing. Once we have found you a good fitting pair of boots we apply several tests to ensure the fit is correct and that you are completely satisfied with the comfort and security of your chosen product. These range from simply observing you walking up and down the shop in them to testing for downhill toe bang, heel lift and toe wiggle room.

For our online customers we have tried to replicate this service by publishing a Fitting Buying Guide with all footwear that explains the basic principles of how to size correctly and test for fit.

Home Trial Period

However even after the most rigorous assessment and testing there is no better way to be absolutely sure than to have the boots on your feet for an extended period of time. We therefore offer our Home Trial Period which gives you the opportunity to wear the boots around your house for a period of seven days to give you an indication of how they feel before you venture outside. We recommend that during the Home Trial Period that you wear the boots for as long as possible and at different times of the day, wear them up and down stairs, when moving around and when resting, you can even sleep in them if you want. If you are unsure about the boots or fit for any reason then please return them to us using our free returns service - Trekitt Returns Page

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During the Home Trial Period we insist that the boots are worn indoors only. All footwear must be returned in a new and perfect condition with the original packaging and a proof of purchase. We retain the right to refuse to refund or exchange if footwear shows any sign of being worn outside.

New Socks?

Socks are an integral part of the fitting service and it is therefore imperative that you are fitted whilst wearing the socks that you will actually wear when undertaking your activity. Good quality technical socks are as important to your comfort as the boots themselves and it is therefore worth investing in a new pair when buying new boots. We recommend Darn Tough socks as each and every sock in their extensive range is made with an incredibly high loop stitch count which produces more cushioned loops per square inch than any other sock. Not only does this provide supreme cushioning, but because the loops are so densely packed they cannot flatten and shear under use.  Each pair also comes with the offer of a lifetime guarantee that states “If our socks are not the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks you have ever owned, return them for another pair, or your money back. No strings. No conditions. For life.”

Like good quality footwear, good quality socks require some TLC to perform at their best. Wash them inside out to ensure all those tightly packed cushioned loops are kept clean and springy. You can wash them in a regular washing machine on a gentle cycle using a pure soap such as Nikwax Tech Wash or Nikwax Wool Wash. Do not use fabric conditioner as this will inhibit the wicking properties of the fibres.

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