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How to Care for Your Waterproof Clothing

Why do I need to re-proof my waterproof clothing?

Let’s put it this way; you wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and never have it serviced. A waterproof garment contains a piece of fabric sandwiched between the outer and inner of the jacket, a membrane. This membrane contains millions of tiny holes, holes which are so small that water droplets cannot possibly pass through; however moisture vapour (sweat) can pass through. Therefore you have a completely waterproof and breathable fabric, great! What happens over time though, is that the outer fabric can become clogged with mud, oils and gunk, meaning all of those tiny holes are working to push your sweat away, and the outer of the jacket is blocking it from doing so. Not so great. When you wash your kit regularly, the mud and general gunk is cleared from the outer fabric, meaning your kit is nice and breathable again.


To keep your outdoor clothing and equipment in tip top condition and performing to its maximum, we recommend the use of Nikwax products. We have been using Nikwax products since day one (26th March 1986) and have found them to be totally reliable, dependable and effective. Today’s Nikwax treatments contain environmentally friendly elastic water-repellent polymers that bond to fabric fibres, leaving the spaces between open and breathable. These stretchy polymers are able to stretch and move with the fabric so they stay put for longer and work better.

Nikwax treatments will not change the look or feel of the fabric and are all water based, environmentally safe, non-flammable and contain no nasty Fluorocarbons. Nikwax products can be used to clean, re-proof and revitalise all your outdoor technical clothing and equipment.

nikwax-jacket-waterproof-care (2)

Breathable waterproof clothing has a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish applied to the face fabric during the manufacturing process. The DWR forces water to bead up and roll off the surface therefore preventing the fabric from absorbing moisture. If the outside of your jacket is soaked in a layer of cold water, the warm damp air within can’t escape and will condense on the inside. This makes the jacket feel cold clammy and can make you think that it’s leaking. The DWR finish is not permanent and needs to be maintained and revitalised to optimise performance.


Three-layer waterproof jackets should be cleaned regularly with Nikwax Tech Wash; I wash my jacket about once a month, or more often if it gets really filthy. Regular washing with Tech Wash will maintain the DWR for longer and remove salts and oils that can contaminate the fabric, plus it will keep your lovely jacket clean and smelling fresh. Washing can be done in a machine according to the manufacturers care guidelines (on the internal label). First, clean out any detergent and conditioner residue from the machine dispenser, add the required amount of Tech Wash and away you go. Hand washing is also suitable but be sure to rinse the garment well.


When you notice that rain/water is no longer beading up and rolling off then it’s time to re-proof. Nikwax TX Direct will re-instate a long lasting DWR to completely rejuvenate your jacket. Re-proofing can also be done in the machine once a garment has been washed. Just add the TX-Direct and use the same programme you used for washing. You can also use the spray-on product on a damp garment that has just been washed.

Steps to reproof (washing machine):

1. Remove your detergent tray, clean in and behind the tray. Replace tray once finished.

2. Set the washing machine to a 5 minute rinse cycle without the garment in to get rid of the detergent residues.

3. Place the garment in the washing machine with 100ml of Tech Wash.

4. Set to a 30°C synthetic cycle at a slow spin (always check care label before doing so).

5. Leave the garment in the washing machine after the Tech Wash cycle has finished, then add 100ml of T.X Direct and repeat the process as above.

6. Remove the jacket from the washing machine and leave to dry. Alternatively, pop in the tumble drier on a low heat until dry. This will allow the proofing to adhere to the face fabric better.

7. Pour light amount of water onto the garment and watch the water bead up and roll off.

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The whole ordering and delivery process went very smoothly but unfortunately the boots I had ordered were slightly too narrow and had to be returned, the no quibbles returns process was quick and easy, with Trekitt keeping me informed by email at every step of the way, including receipt of my parcel and when my refund had been processed. Service and communication with this company always excellent.

Steve.B  •   8th Aug.

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