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Jacobs Fjallraven Training Trip to Sweden

Words by Will C

on 24/06/2019 09:25:39


I recently had the incredible opportunity to travel over to Sweden to have training with Fjallraven! It was an incredible, valuable trip and extremely interesting to see how Fjallraven work.

First of all, Swedish bikes are different. Very different. The novelty of accidentally pedalling backwards and halting to an abrupt stop happened on more occasions then I wish to admit. If seeing twenty-five English citizens on bright red bikes cycling the wrong way through Stockholm wasn’t enough to catch an eye or two of the locals! The beautiful sunset over Stockholm waters was obviously worth the embarrassment.

It would be dishonest of me to deny that there wasn't any competition over the course of the evening. This proved clear when we reached the Stockholm Olympic stadium! The competitive side of me came out when I was faced with the four-hundred-meter sprint. Lining up against my competitors forgetting about the uphill cycle which was to come. 


Although my trip was fun, it wasn’t all games. We spent time learning all about Fjallraven in their incredible teaching centre Vinkelladan. Learning about the rich history of the company and their vision for the years to come.

They are an incredible company. Specialising in premium but sustainable technical kit. My time in Sweden with the company was fruitful. Learning more about the company and how they run was a pleasure! Seeing first-hand how they strive to be more sustainable and to craft premium products was fascinating.

Apart from coming away from Sweden wanting to purchase everything that Fjallraven create, the trip has given me a fresh excitement around the brand. I look forward to the future adventures and lessons to be learnt with Fjallraven!


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