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North Wales Training and Kit Test; Ogwen Valley with Bob Thomas (Contour Outdoors) Part 1 by Will Condie

Monday 30th June

This was the day that four lucky lads from Trekitt, Steve, Callum, Nick and myself (Will), all convened at the outdoor equipment Mecca that is Trekitt Mountain Sports in Hereford in anticipation of the week’s events. We had all been given the opportunity to have a week off work (fully paid) playing around in the mountains with Bob from Contour Outdoors. Bob is an absolute legend and provides technical and development training for Trekitt; you can catch up on some of his exploits in our other blogs.

Once the “Bare-footed Kiwi” (Callum) finally arrived we were able to pile our bags up roof high into Steve’s Poor Nissan Almera, and make haste; setting off for Dol-gam Campsite on the banks of the river Llugwy. Luckily for us we missed all the traffic and made it there in good time. However the car ride obviously wasn’t entertaining enough for some people…Callum.

Car trip 

DSCF0921 DSCF0942

As we had a couple of hours to kill before we had to meet Bob and Martin, we decided to go for a quick look around good old Betws-y-Coed, checking out the so called “competition”. Now it would be rude to pass through Betws without stopping for a quick beverage in local watering hole, so one swift one in The Royal Oak and we were back on the road.

Five minutes later and we had arrived. Unable to see Bob, we found ourselves a quaint little spot by the river and started to pitch our Lovely Hilleberg tents (Anjan 3 GT and Nallo 3GT). Orientated perfectly into the direction of the prevailing wind we were almost ready to unpack our kit and get settled.

Unfortunately in accordance to Murphy’s Law, who did we see strolling towards us with a beaming smile? Yep that’s right, it was Bob; he was already there and we had driven straight past him, he asked us ever so kindly if we could up-root and pitch our tents next to his to make things more convenient. Now for some reason, call it complacency or stupidity, when we moved tents we completely forgot to orientate them, but hey the weather was nice so we unpacked and sat down to be briefed by Bob and his good friend Martin for tomorrows activities. Following this we got cracking with the evening’s meal, savouring the last of the late summer sunshine in the presence of Moel Siabod.


We had a plethora of stoves to test out when it came to cook dinner, that evening the stove of choice was the Optimus Vega. Thanks to the option to invert the gas canister and switch to liquid feed (mainly aimed at cold weather users and for use at high altitudes), the flame was a hell of a lot fiercer and made a quick job out of boiling the water for the pasta.

After food we shared a few laughs then it was off to bed. We all had different sleeping mats but the one I thoroughly recommend is the Exped Synmat UL 7. Super warm and comfy and it packs down so small. The mat added so much warmth that for a few of the nights I didn’t even bother zipping up my sleeping bag.

Tuesday 1st July

We emerged from our sleeping bags to be greeted by bright invigorating sunshine. With the weather in our favour ready for our day of navigation it was time to dress appropriately. The base layer tee of choice, as you will recognise from our last newsletter, was the Rab MeCo 120 short sleeved tee; trousers for the occasion were the Haglof Mid Trail Pant. Feet pockets for the day were the Darn Tough Cushion Boot Sock, and I can’t praise this next item of clothing enough, Arc’teryx Phase SL Boxers, they have to be the most comfortable Boxers ever! They don’t ride up; they are awesome at wicking away moisture (no betty swollocks) and they are snug but roomy in all the right places. Don’t overlook underwear thinking that there isn’t any point, it makes a massive difference.

Anyway, enough about my underwear. We set off from the campsite and drove a short way up the road to the Moel Siabod Café where we parked the cars. Trekitt attracts staff that are outdoor enthusiasts and we all have our own individual skill sets with varying degrees off experience, especially when it comes to map reading and navigation. So to make sure we were all on the same page Bob gave us a quick rundown and refreshers crash course in map and compass use. Once we were all happy with the “5 D’s” of navigation (description, direction, distance, duration and dead-stop), Bob popped into the café to get his freshly made bap while we discussed the route. We approximated our time and distance, popped a bearing on the compass, and on Bob’s return we donned our packs, picked up our poles and headed to our first nav point.

Day 1 walk and nav

-The black four pointed star marks our start and finish.

-The light blue line is our route.

-The red circles mark the navigation points.

-The dark blue circle is where we stopped for lunch.

-Finally the dark brown line marks navigation errors.











I’m going to tell you my little old sob story now. A few years ago now I tore a ligament in my knee that now likes to play up on long walks and when I run. In the shop I sell quite a few walking poles, I understand the principle that they reduce the amount of strain on your joints and how you end up taking some of your weight on your arms and this was the perfect opportunity to put my theory into practice. I grabbed a pair of Leki walking poles and set off. I basically flew past the first nav point as I was so impressed by how light on my feet I was and how euphoric I was at the complete absence of any knee related pain.  However I got a little bit carried away and didn’t notice Callum and Nick over shoot the first marker. We strolled on completely oblivious to what was going on until I glanced back to notice Steve and Bob smiling and giggling to themselves.

Steve and I go out and do quite a bit of climbing and paddling outside of work so I know what he is like. Being the most experienced of the four of us and coming from an instructor background, he thought it would be better for us to learn by realising our own mistake. So it was only when we reached our dead stop (the fence line that borders a small patch of private land) that we noticed we had gone a tiny bit wrong; we quickly back tracked, found the correct route, and carried on our merry way with no more mistakes.

DSCF0903 DSCF0904

I always knew that the Jetboil was the mutts nuts when it comes to boiling water, but using it boil water for our yummy Extreme Food and Trek ’n Eat freeze dried meals was crazy. We collected water from a near by steam and filtered using the Sawyer Mini Filter, wacked it into the Jetboil and a few short minutes later all four of us were tucking into some decent tasting trekking food. I personally bought the Sawyer Mini Filter and seriously, it’s amazing, I’m never going trekking without it ever again.


After lunch Bob took us through different group shelters and how to signal for help. He then set us a challenge, using a 3m x 3m tarp and walking poles we had to construct a shelter. Pretty easy right? However it was a race against the clock; we had to beat last years Trekitt team. Just so you know, we smashed it, our shelter was pitched as tight as a drum in under 3 minutes. Following that we all got in Bob’s Lifesystems 4 Person Survival Shelter, which was pretty cosy; I was really impressed by how warm it gets inside these things. What was quite funny was how I almost soiled myself when I thought we had trapped a wasp inside with us, and that it was stuck behind me. It turned out to be flying around the outside of the brightly coloured shelter, probably thinking he had struck the grand behemoth of flowers. If I wasn’t actually allergic to them I probably wouldn’t have acted like a complete fool, and wouldn’t have slapped myself in the face.

The rest of the day was spent reaching the top of Cripiau; using the map we had to identify the surrounding features, be that mountains, lakes, roads and campsites. Walking off the hill we made our way down by navigating to more points that Bob would point out. We completed out circular walk and made it back to the cars at the Moel Siabod Café by 17:00; we got back to tents soon after that, de-kitted and Bob briefed us on what was happening tomorrow. The plan was to head to Bochlwyd Butress and then carry on over to the the main cliff on Glyder Fach and walk off Griben, but I will go in to more details about that in next weeks instalment. Coming back to “today”; as I was the group chef for the week I rustled up a quick beef balti for everyone to fill their bellies. We discovered on the first evening that Callum can put away a stupid amount of food, more than any of us, yet he is the slimmest. Another thing we found out was that it was petty good fun to make Callum laugh while he was eating and make his food come out of his nose which turned into a favourite game of Steve’s.

I digress, after dinner we set down to planning our walk tomorrow before we turned in for the evening.


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