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    Sawyer Mini Filter

    Sawyer Mini Filter

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    This is a small and lightweight brilliantly clever yet simple water filter system that requires no replacement cartridges, is field serviceable and is can filter up to 378,541 litres from freshwater sources such as rivers, lakes and streams.

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    Sawyer Mini Filter
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    Season : 2017S

    Code : 12019710

    Weight : 0KG

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    If you drank 3 litres per day this fantastic water filter will last you 345 years!

    The Sawyer Mini Filter which uses a microfibre filter with absolute micropores of 0.1 microns that lets the water through but filters out the bad stuff including bacteria, protozoa or cysts like E. Coli, Giardia, Vibrio, Cholera and Salmonella typhi. What you get out is clean safe drinking water.

    The Filter itself is quite simply the best filter for performance, size and weight with a total field weight of only 57g. You can use the Mini Filter as a straw, drinking directly from a water source, or attach it a Sawyer Squeeze pouch or your own drinks bottle.  You can even use the Mini Filter as an inline filter on your hydration bladder. It has a good flow rate and comes with a 378,541 Litre guarantee. Cleaning couldn’t be simpler, you just backwash the filter with clean water using the supplied cleaning syringe to rinse out all the bad stuff and then continue to use as normal.

    Ways to use this system:

    • Attach the included drinking straw and filter directly from source.
    • Screw the filter onto the Sawyer Squeeze Pouch and decant into a clean container.
    • Screw the filter onto your own bottle.
    • Use as an inline filter on all hydration bladder systems.
    • Use a Source Convertube attached to a Sawyer Squeeze Pouch with the Mini Filter inline to create a safe hydration system

    Sizing Information

    Technical Information

    The system contains:

    1 x 0.5 litre durable Sawyer Squeeze pouch

    Sawyer 0.10 Absolute Micron Hollow Fibre Membrane Mini Water Filter

    Cleaning syringe

    Drinking straw

    Filter tip cap

    Cleaning and maintenance instructions

    How it works:

    From technology used in medical dialysis, the 0.1 micron absolute filter uses a cluster of micro-fibrous tubes. Water is drawn through the side walls into their hollow centre and out the end of the tubes, while harmful bacteria and protozoa are trapped on the outer walls of the tubes.



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    • 5

      Sawyer Mini Filter ,  On

      Essential kit for camping, trekking, bushcraft, survival or any other situation where you may need to source your own water. Fits in the palm of your hand and is very light. Just dont let it freeze (web reviews). Don't go anywhere beyond local without it. Speedy delivery from company.
      YES Craig would recommend this item
    • 5

      Sawyer Mini Filter ,  On

      As I went down to the river to drink I took my Sawyer filter with me Dont want no dirty water, agitatin my guts O brothers lets go down Lets go down, come on down Come on brothers, lets go down Down in the river to drink Yee-ha! I sure aint tried it yet but it looks well made, its easy to use and if it stops them little critters givin me belly-ache well thats good enough for me.
      YES Brother Jedidiah would recommend this item
    • 5

      Sawyer Mini Filter ,  On

      Simple, reliable, pocket sized, effective and affordable. I generally use it as a gravity feed filter attached to an old hydration bladder. In much of the world viral water contamination isn't much of an issue so this would be ideal. I would recommend combining with an activated carbon to reduce agricultural runoff chemichals, chlorine from tap water or unpleasant tastes.
      YES Crispin would recommend this item
    • 5

      Sawyer Mini Filter ,  On

      Ive been using this mostly in the Scottish Highlands. Ive never been much worried about water up in the hills, but sometimes the source can be a bit dodgy and this filter gives me complete confidence. Whilst it is brilliant, very peaty Highland water clogs it up quickly. Back flushing pushes out a rush of mucky stuff, and works for the first couple of times, but eventually only bleaching seems to clear it. This is a pity as Im not planning on carrying bleach! In the worst case the flow got very bad after 3 days: it still worked - just slowly. Also note that this is no good if there are possible chemical contaminants ... active carbon required.
      YES David would recommend this item
    • 5

      Sawyer Mini Filter ,  On

      Excellent product, compact, light, and it does exactly what it says on the box.
      YES Cockney Greg would recommend this item
    • 4

      Sawyer Mini Filter ,  On

      A marvel of practicality and essential for any serious traveller this filter is the tool you cant do without. My experience is it is easy to use and can be configured to an inline system if needs be. Excellent value too.
      YES Jim Stewart would recommend this item
    • 5

      Sawyer Mini Filter ,  On

      I bought one previously which us still going strong so have not had to use these two yet. Excellent product which can easily be added to hydration systems and at a good price.
      YES Mike would recommend this item
    • 5

      Sawyer Mini Filter ,  On

      Fits on a hydration bladder hose for gravity filtering or with a gentle squeeze you can up the flow rate. Not used the bag supplied as the neck is too small to fill from a stream. The filter is light and small and works well.
      YES Joseph would recommend this item

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    Sawyer Mini Filter

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    Great deals and first class customer service; really nice people, too. Fun website - the few typos are easily forgiven as you can tell that they are passionate about outdoor gear, and the product descriptions are honest e.g. "Not the most technical item but one you will keep coming back to" sort of thing. Keep up the good work!

    Mark Robinson  •   30th Jun.

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