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    Mountain Equipment

    M.E have been making high quality mountaineering and expedition clothing and equipment since 1961 and have been involved with every British first ascent of an 8000 metre peak. They particularly excel at making products that are designed to meet the demands of British mountaineers and hill walkers and always focus on function.

    Mountain Equipment have really pulled out all the stops with a completely re-designed clothing range that uses the most technologically advanced materials and production techniques combined with a radical approach to garment design and fit to ensure their products perform in the environment they were intended for. They have also tightened up their distribution, focusing now on partners with excellent technical knowledge and who understand the needs of the end user and the ethics of the M.E brand.

    My favourite improvement has to be their new hood designs. I am known to be a bit of a hood pedant and can be heard moaning to suppliers about poor hood design or hoods that are perfectly helmet compatible but completely unwearable if you’re not using a lid.  M.E has always designed good hoods, but now they are even better! There’s the Mountain Hood for those who never wear a helmet, the Mountain HC Hood for those who occasionally wear a helmet and the Super Alpine HC Hood for those who always wear a helmet. Each of these three designs uses a proper stiffened and wired visor that won’t deform in strong winds and offers unhindered peripheral vision whilst the overall design and construction will keep your head protected and comfortable whether you’re wearing a beanie, a helmet, or nothing at all.

    All of these superb design, fit, material and construction improvements have been driven by the specific needs of the intended end user; M.E have concentrated on making the best possible kit, in the best possible way to make your time in the mountains safer and more enjoyable. This makes a refreshing change to others who churn out product based on marketing hype or to satisfy the cravings of corporate growth strategies.

    Mountain Equipment
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    • Mountain Equipment Womens Lightline Jacket Celestial Blue
    • ProductID : 32335
    • £174.00 £200.00 13% off
    • /images/me_lightline_jacket_womens_celestial_blue.jpg
    • Mountain Equipment Womens Lightline Jacket Cosmos
    • ProductID : 32307
    • £174.00 £200.00 13% off
    • /images/me_lightline_jacket_womens_cosmos.jpg
    • Mountain Equipment Womens Lightline Jacket Minium
    • ProductID : 32325
    • £174.00 £200.00 13% off
    • /images/me_lightline_jacket_womens_minimum.jpg
    • Mountain Equipment Mens Lightline Jacket Black
    • ProductID : 32691
    • £176.00 £200.00 12% off
    • /images/melightlineblack.jpg
    • Mountain Equipment Mens Lightline Jacket Cobalt
    • ProductID : 32692
    • £176.00 £200.00 12% off
    • /images/melightlinenavy.jpg
    • Mountain Equipment Mens Lightline Jacket Navy
    • ProductID : 32693
    • £176.00 £200.00 12% off
    • /images/lightlinenavy.png
    • Mountain Equipment Womens Lightline Jacket Lagoon Blue
    • ProductID : 32349
    • £174.00 £200.00 13% off
    • /images/me_lightline_jacket_womens_lagoon_blue.jpg
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    Trekitt is Top Class - The products they carry and competitive pricing reflect their mindset to help provide only the best gear available to anyone with a passion for being outdoors the ability to obtain the life enhancing experiences we all gain from being in such wild places. It's very refreshing to have found Trekitt as a reliable source for adding articles to my kit.

    Customer service was a delight and I felt they were willing to help however possible to accommodate my needs. Delivery times are exceptional to North America. The experience shopping here made me feel I was dealing completely with like minded individuals that share a passion for something that's sometimes hard to put into words. Thank You to everyone at Trekitt for providing outstanding services and products.

    Jody E  •   20th Jan.

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