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Superfeet Womens TrailBlazer Comfort Max

Superfeet Womens TrailBlazer Comfort Max

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Superfeet Premium Insoles are based on the principles of biomechanics and podiatry and have been developed to stabilise and support your foot to reduce fatigue and injury when you are carrying out daily life. 


Season : 2020S C


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Superfeet insoles were originally launched back in 1977 by two specialists in biomechanics and podiatry who were working in the field orthotics and sports medicine. They pioneered techniques that allowed them to create a premium insole that would help adapt the flat, 2 dimensional midsole of your footwear to your 3 dimensional foot.

The insole is made up of a deep contoured and structured heel cup, a full length foam core and a soft anti-bacterial natural top sheet. The heel cup performs many functions and is the core to these incredible insoles. It encapsulates and positions the soft tissues under the heel to maximise the bodies natural shock absorption, it supports the back of your arch and the front of your heel to stabilise the foot as it strikes the ground and it stabilises the whole foot as you move through the gait cycle.

By supporting and stabilising the foot in this way Superfeet insoles reduce the stress and strain your feet normally encounter as they struggle to support your body weight with every stride. The end result is that you feel less tired at the end of your activity and you will be less prone to common over use injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints, knee pain, Metatarsalgia and many more.

Building on the success of the Orange and Berry insoles, these TrailBlazer's feature a few subtle differences which firm our belief that they're some of the best insoles available. Featuring a lightweight carbon-fibre blend stabliser cap, Superfeet have reduced overall weight and support without compromising on comfort. A soft cushioned gel pad has also been added to the heel of the insole to further increase comfort over long durations, while the edges of the insole have been rounded off and softened to be a little nicer to the inside of your shoe/boot. A layer of foam is still present throughout the front of the insole, however with the newest edition of TrailBlazer's the foam has had a makeover to allow them to slide easily in and out of shoes. 

Superfeet make a range of different products to suit the many varieties of foot shapes and sports and activities, they fully understand that one product will not suit everybody so it is important to get the right product for you. We strongly recommend that you visit our Hereford shop to be fitted correctly for your Superfeet insoles, but if you are replacing an existing pair you can buy them with confidence, or if you do want to purchase from us online and need some fitting tips have a look at the sizing information below.

  • Deep heel cup
  • Maximum support and comfort
  • Moisturewick with odour control
  • Carbon-fibre blend
  • Thick and cushioned
Technical Information
Sizing Information

Superfeet Insoles fit by heel cup measurement rather than by foot size, they are made with a generous sizing that covers about 1-2 sizes and can be trimmed to fit inside your chosen footwear.

  • Fore foot - Make sure you have at least 15mm between the end of your big toe and the end of the insole.
  • Rear foot - With your normal walking socks on stand on the insoles on a hard surface and check that your heel fits nicely inside the heel cup and does not go over the edge, you should be able to see the edge of the heel cup all the way around your heel.
  • Arch area - The Superfeet insole should not push hard up into the arch, there should be a slight gap to allow the insole to work correctly.
  • Ball of the foot - The plastic stabiliser cup should not extend past the ball of the foot. To check this out simply stand up on your tip toes and note where your flex point is (where your foot bends on the top of the insole). Turn over the insole and make sure that the flex point is in front of the stabiliser cup (the hard plastic bit!).

If you can meet all the above fitting criteria then you have got the right size, if not then go up a size to get the correct fit. As a rough guide the table below will give you a good starting point to selecting the correct footbed.


  Superfeet size B Superfeet size C Superfeet size D Superfeet size E Superfeet size F Superfeet size G
UK Size  2 - 3.5 4 - 5.5 6 - 7.5 8 - 9.5 10 - 11.5 12 - 13.5
European Size 34 - 36 37 - 38.5 39 - 41 42 - 44 45 - 46.5 47 - 49


Once you are happy with the fit you may need to need to trim the Superfeet insole to fit in your chosen footwear. Simply remove the original insole and use it as template. Position the top side of the original insole on the bottom side of the Superfeet insole and line it up on the heel and the inside edge. Draw around the original insole with a pen to give you a trim line. Cut the Superfeet insole and then insert into your shoes ensuring that it does not curl up around the toe area and that it has a slightly loose fit with a bit of wriggle room front to back, if it is too tight then whip it out and trim a bit more off. Check out the video to see this in action.

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Superfeet Womens TrailBlazer Comfort Max

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Excellent customer service. Really detailed easy to understand product descriptions on the Trekitt website, and gear reviews on the Trekitt YouTube channel made it so easy to choose the right backpack for me.
Emily - May 2020
Amazing service! Very helpful in regards sizing and what most matched my needs, despite this being done over the internet. YouTube videos of products being examined are very useful also. Would definitely use again, very fast and efficient delivery. Brilliant! Highly recommended!
David R - April 2020
Highly recommend. I usually go to the shop in Hereford as staff are alwasy very helpful and knowledgeable. So this was the first time I have purchased online and the service was just as good as the shop.
Grizzy - April 2020


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