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Darn Tough Socks

We have been selling socks since we first opened in 1986 and I can honestly say that these Darn Tough socks are by far the most comfortable and supportive socks I have ever worn. Don’t just take my word for it, all the rest of the team here at Trekitt have fallen in love with these fabulous socks and wear them every day.

Darn Tough are made in Vermont, America, by a family owned company that has been in the hosiery business since 1978. They are only interested in making the best possible socks the world has to offer. Darn Tough are so confident in who they are and what they do they provide their socks with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. So what makes them so special?

The secret to their immense and enduring comfort is high density knitting. Darn Tough knit more loop stitches per square inch than any other sock resulting in a dense pad that provides cushioning without adding bulk. Socks with a less dense loop stitch allow the loops to literally flop over and become compressed. The socks then feel flat and hard and will wear out quickly. Because the loops inside a Darn Tough sock are so densely packed they simply cannot flop over and retain their cushioning and last much longer. Wash them inside out to thoroughly cleanse the dense padding and they will feel like a new pair of socks each time you put them on. Darn Tough’s high quality knitting technique constructs a sock with a form fit that supports your foot from the smooth toe box with an invisible seam to the sculpted heel pocket. Knitted in elastic provides support and shape retention and an anatomical calf, shin and ankle construction provides exceptional comfort and support. This close fit and anatomical shape ensures no bunching or slipping therefore preventing blisters.

Darn Tough use high percentages of shrink treated Merino wool for its next-to-the-skin comfort, moisture and temperature management and natural anti-stink properties. You can get away with wearing the same pair of socks for several days without offending your mates, which means you can take fewer pairs, resulting in a reduced pack weight.

The Darn Tough Lifetime Guarantee
“If our socks are not the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks you have ever owned, return them for another pair, or your money back. No strings. No conditions. For life”

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