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Fjällräven say no a lot. To trends and shortcuts. To business experts and marketing know-it-alls. ”Use cheaper materials, be more fashionable, give it a high-tech vibe.” It will always be a no, ensuring the creation of equipment that lasts for decades. Saying No Since 1960.

About Fjällräven

Hailing from the small town of Örnsköldsvik in Sweden, a place where mountains and forest meet the sea, Fjällräven is an outdoor clothing and equipment company that's committed to making nature more accessible. In true Swedish style, they focus on simplicity and practicality, and they have the utmost respect for the environment.

This is what they do:

  • Develop functional, durable and timeless outdoor gear
  • Act responsibly towards nature, animals and people
  • Inspire and develop interest in outdoor life


"We've been trekking for more than 50 years; I hope we never get there."


Everything we do has an impact on the environment around us and the people and animals that inhabit it. As an outdoor company, Fjällräven is acutely aware of this impact, and they do their utmost to keep their environmental footprint as small as possible.

Fjällräven considers nature in everything they do; when they choose one material over another, and when they decide where to produce their clothing and equipment.

But it's not easy. Compromises do have to be made. Sometimes they have to say "no" when they want to say "yes". Fjällräven are honest, they have made, and will continue to make, mistakes. But they try to learn from them and use these lessons to innovate and adapt. They are not ones to settle. They never sit back and relax, thinking what we're doing now is good enough. At Fjällräven, the term 'room for improvement' is ingrained in everyone.

By producing on nature's terms; by developing clothing and gear that lasts for generations; by placing strict standards on themselves and their suppliers; and by introducing more people to nature and its myriad benefits, we should take a leaf out of Fjällrävens book and try all leave our basecamp in better shape than we found it.