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Montane Womens Oxygen 32 Black

Montane Womens Oxygen 32 Black

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Montane Womens Oxygen 32 Black
Montane Womens Oxygen 32 Saskatoon

The Oxygen 32 is the perfect year round pack for walking, scrambling, mountaineering and general mountain abuse. It's the ideal size for a day's walking or a super lightweight over-night camp in the hills. 


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What is the Montane Oxygen 32?

The Oxygen 32 is the perfect pack for those who are set out to do it all, whether that's a casual stroll through the countryside, right up to mountaineering, scrambling and fast & light activities . It's tough, breathable, comfortable and ready for just about any adventure you have planned for it. 

What is it made of?

Montane have used a super burly, abrasion resistant 210D RAPTOR Geo nylon for the main fabric which is then given a DWR coating, ensuring a high level of water resistance, abrasion resistance and longevity through repeated abuse. Montane's RAPTOR Endurance 420D nylon is then used over the base for additional durability against rocky surfaces. Montane's Granite Stretch fabric is then used on areas which aren't prone to high wear such as the lid and side panels. 

The combination of these materials means you get a pack that is not only going to protect your kit when you’re out on long days but will also still look great after years of use and abuse.  

What is the back system?

The back system on the Oxygen is simple, effective and exceptionally comfortable. The entire panel is made from a soft foam with cut-outs in certain areas to maximise flexibility, breathability and airflow. The same foam is used over the shoulders and hip belt with a layer of mesh over the top. 

The shape of the carry system takes a lot of influences from Montane’s running packs, so you’ll find that this system sits snugger and is more stable than other packs you may be used to. By far the most effective part of this design is the stretchy, wide mesh fins on the hip belts. These feel more like and item of clothing than a pack. They help to get rid of any excess space between you and the pack and are one of the main components in the overall stability of the Oxygen. The elasticity in these fins also means that they fit a wide range of body types – whether you’re skinny, curvy, pear shaped or anything in between, these fins will mould to all your wobblie-bobblies and help you carry heavy loads far more efficiently.  

What are the features?

No pack is complete without an array of useful pockets. The Oxygen features two zipped pockets on the hip belt, or as I prefer to call them, snack pockets. The large main pocket is where you’ll store the majority of your kit. It has a lovely, wide top-loading opening so you can really easily get to all your kit in the main compartment. This big opening also makes it really easy to get your hydration bladder in and out of the pack. 

There’s an internal hydration sleeve to store a bladder – the exit point for your hose is on the right-hand side of the pack and the right-hand side shoulder strap has a handy little elastic loop that you thread your hose through to stop it from flailing about everywhere. 

There is also a large pocket in the lid of the pack which is a great place to stash your first aid kit and your head torch – bits that you might not want to spend a lot of time searching for. On the sides you have two stretch mesh pockets that will fit a litre bottle in each, as well as Montane’s own ‘baguette pocket’ that allows for secure storage of longer items like tent poles, tall water bottles and also rolled up jackets. 

The little add on features are what really make this pack – the walking pole and ice axe attachments are easy to use and can be tucked away neatly when you’re not using them. The pack also has a very sneakily hidden away ice axe protector sleeve which helps to keep the sharp bits in place and away from the rest of your pack and your body. At the top of this sleeve is a little nylon loop which is a great bike-light attachment point. The pack also has two compression straps on each side so you can synch the pack right down if it isn’t filled to capacity as well as a removable bungee storage system on the front of the pack to help you stash extra kit (it's a really good place to stash a helmet).

  • Tool attachment points
  • Tough outer fabric
  • Comfortable backsystem
  • Flexible
  • Foam cut-outs for breathabililty
  • Mesh lined hipbelt for grip
  • Cord on the outer to attach gear
  • Hydration compatible
  • Womens specific design
Care & Advice

Getting the correct fit for your rucksack is as important as getting the fit right for your boots. A badly fitting pack can inflict misery and discomfort and completely ruin your adventure. This guide is designed to help you get the best fit and comfort from your chosen pack so that carrying all your kit becomes a pleasure and not a chore.


If the pack has an adjustable back length, adjust this to your correct level. Your back length is not related to your height but your torso length. Many packs, and specifically the bigger and more technical packs are available in different back lengths or feature adjustable back systems. Contrary to popular belief, your torso length and not your overall height is the key to getting a well fitted pack. Tall people don’t necessarily have long torsos, just as shorter people don’t always have a short torso length.

Your torso length can be found by measuring from your C7 vertebra (the bony protrusion at the back of your neck when looking down) to the height of your iliac crest (top of your hip bones, where you put your hands on your hips). This measurement will give you an idea of which pack back length to choose.

Once you've got the back length sorted, either by selecting the correct size pack or adjusting the back system, you can begin to follow these simple steps to help achieve a comfortable carry.


Before you start fitting the pack, loosen off all the straps as this will make it easier to get the correct tension later.


Fasten the backpack hipbelt, the general position is the same as where you’d put your ‘hands on hips’ This area is called the pelvic girdle, and what you can feel when you rest your hand on the area is the bony protuberance, the iliac crest. The iliac crest can support the weight from a pack comfortably, and for sustained periods. The padded section of the hipbelt should encompass this and fit securely.

Tighten the straps so the hipbelt feels secure and held firmly around your body. Ensure that the lumbar pad is centered to your lower back to give you maximum support. Remember that your hips carry most of the weight of the pack, so this should be firm but comfortable.


Next, adjust the shoulder straps, pull them until they start to become snug, but ensure that they are not too tight as to lift the pack off your hips. Remember tightening them will stabilise the pack but will increase pressure over the shoulders. If the back length of the pack is correct the shoulder straps will be flush to your shoulders whilst the hipbelt sits in place comfortably. The point where the shoulder straps attach to the main body of the pack should be roughly half way down your shoulder blades; this ensures  that the shoulder straps rolls evenly over the top of your shoulders to distribute the weight correctly.


Fasten the chest strap and pull until taut but not tight, the elastic section should not be extended. This helps keep the shoulder straps from catching in your shoulder joints and keeps the stability of the pack when moving over rough ground.


Top tensioner straps link the shoulder straps to the top of the pack. When tightened, their main function is to stabilise the top part of the pack. The optimum angle for these straps in 45º, but they will stabilise the load even when horizontal or at a more obtuse angle. Tighten them until you feel the top part of the pack rest against your pack, over tightening them will create excessive pressure on the front of your shoulders.


Side tension straps are linked to the hipbelt. By tightening these straps you can stabilise the load but reduce the hipbelt flexibility. Where balance is critical tightening them can help you feel more secure. However, if you are striding out over easy terrain it’s better to loosen these straps to allow full hip flexibility.


Side compression straps come next, pulling these tight does two things: firstly, it stabilises the load, secondly it can lift the lower part of the pack, repositioning the load closer to your back.


Following these steps should give you a comfortable but secure fit on your pack. Sometimes adjustments will need to be made on the go depending on the terrain or the load you are carrying. The perfect fit is very much a personal preference so experiment with different tensions on the pack to find what suits you best.

Technical Information

Weight: 882g

Outer fabric: RAPTOR Geo 210D Nylon

Sizing Information

Click here for the manufactures sizing charts

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Montane Womens Oxygen 32 Black

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The product I bought was competitively priced. The video demonstration of the product assisted me in my decision to purchase the item and was very informative, as it showed all of the features and the fit. I chose "click and collect" which was an efficient and quick process. I would definitely shop here again.

Amanda  •   19 Jan 2019.

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