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Vango Planet 140 Down Sleeping Bag Thunder Blue

Vango Planet 140 Down Sleeping Bag Thunder Blue

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The Planet Down 100 is perfect for travellers who frequently camp in warm, dry locations. Weighing just 900g and packing down to roughly the same size as a 1 litre water bottle, it won't take up much room in your pack.

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What is the Planet 140?

The Planet 140 Down is one of the lightest, most packable sleeping bags we stock for fast and light travellers in warm locations. Using 700 fill power duck down and a super lightweight ripstop polyester shell, it packs down to not much bigger than a 1 litre water bottle.

What is it made from?

Insulation: Vango use 700 fill power duck down throughout the Planet 140, ensuring a small pack size and a high warmth to weight ratio. Down often struggles when it comes into contact with moisture, therefore Vango have coated it in a Hydro-Barrier coating, ensuring the down resists moisture 4x longer than untreated down. This does not make it waterproof, however it will give you peace of mind that the down won't be ruined with a little moisture.

Outer fabric: Surrounding this luxurious down is a Polair Diamond RS Shell fabric, a polyester ripstop material which is durable, water resistant, wind resistant and breathable for hot climates. Inside you'll find a Polair Flux Lining, a soft, breathable fabric which feels great next to skin.

What are the features?

One of the most useful features on the Planet is the inbuilt mosquito net; this net is finished with an anti-bacterial coating which repels midges, mosquitos, wasps, hornets and just about every other flying insect. Another coating on the inside of the sleeping bag repels further insects and prevents odour-causing bacteria to gather. The 3D shaped hood with a multi-cord closure seals in the warmth, while an insulated zip baffle prevents heat escaping in areas typically lacking in insulation. The two way zip allows you to unzip from the bottom to stick your feet out, but with the rest of the bag done up (or visa versa); you can also unzip the bag entirely and it'll transform into a blanket. Lastly, the clever stuffsack features a fleecy lining so you can turn it inside-out, stuff it with clothes and use it as a pillow. Clever.


The perfect warm-weather travel companion for those low on space and striving to carry the least weight. The selection of brilliant fabrics and clever ideas makes this a no brainer.

  • Stuffsack turns into pillow
  • 700 fill power duck down
  • Hydrophobically treated
  • Transforms into blanket
  • Zip extends around foot
  • Lightweight mosquito net
  • Internal pocket for phone
  • Two way zip to ventilate
Care & Advice

How warm a sleeping bag do you really need? We’ve tried to help you by grouping our sleeping bags by their recognised comfort ratings. These are the ratings supplied by the brands that indicate the temperature at which you will remain comfortable whilst sleeping on a good insulated sleep mat. After all, comfortable is what you want to be when it’s cold and wet outside and you’re all tucked up in your nice warm sleeping bag.

We always recommend that you choose your bag according to the coldest conditions you will experience; you can always unzip a bag if it is too warm, but trying to sleep when you’re too cold is just miserable. Bear in mind that that we are all individuals and we all feel the cold differently, and that our own resistance will fluctuate depending a whole load of factors including how much we have eaten, whether we have consumed alcohol, whether we need a wee or what kind of mood we are in!

Sleeping bags do not generate heat they only trap the heat we produce so it is vital that you get into your bag when you are giving off warmth, don’t go to bed when you are cold, have a hot meal or a hot drink or do some brisk exercise to get you nicely warmed up.

Traditionally sleeping bag manufacturers provided their own temperature ratings based on their experience, the products intended end use and the perceived environment. But each brand tested their bags in different ways and it was hard to find a fair comparison between models. So, in 2005 a European standard for sleeping bag temperature ratings, EN 13537, was introduced to give consumers a comparable guide to sleeping bag performance across a range of brands and models. The ratings have four different temperature ratings to give you an indication of the bags performance.

Upper limit: This is the highest temperature at which an average male should experience a comfortable night’s sleep.

Comfort: This is the temperature at which an average female should experience a comfortable night’s sleep. On average women sleep colder than men so this rating is some degrees above the ‘comfort lower limit’ for a man.

Comfort lower limit:  This is the lowest temperature at which an average male should experience a comfortable night’s sleep whilst lying in a curled-up body position. This used to be known as the comfort rating.

Extreme: This is a survival rating where the user is likely to suffer health damage such as Hypothermia. It should be treated with the utmost caution and not be relied on for general use.

However, the EN 13537 European Standard does not apply to down filled sleeping bags with a fill weight of more than 800g; for those bags you will have to rely on the manufacturer's experience and technical expertise, which is often more accurate!

Most reputable brands still use their own rating system alongside EN 13537, for instance the M.E “Good Night’s Sleep” and Rab’s “Sleep Limit”. These ratings are often the most accurate guide to the overall performance of a bag being used by an average outdoor enthusiast. They are based on years of expedition heritage, field trials, technological experience, and constant feedback.

But please bear in mind that all ratings are only a guide and, as mentioned earlier, there are a huge range of factors that can affect your comfort, if you are just not sure it is always wise to go for a warmer model.

The biggest difference you can make to your overall comfort is to use an efficiently insulated sleeping mat. Once you get inside your sleeping bag you instantly compress all the filling beneath you, greatly reducing its efficiency. The use of a quality sleep mat will ensure you are properly insulated from the cold ground and you will of course be a lot more comfortable. Your sleeping bag is only as good as the mat that’s beneath it; we recommend EXPED, ThermaRest or Multimat sleeping mats for comfort and insulation.

Technical Information

Weight: 900g

Suggested usage: 15-25°C

Comfort: 9°C

Limit: 4°c

Extreme: -9°C

Sizing Information

Max height: 190cm

Internal length: 200cm

Chest width: 80cm

Foot width: 56cm

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Vango Planet 140 Down Sleeping Bag Thunder Blue

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Excellent customer service. Really detailed easy to understand product descriptions on the Trekitt website, and gear reviews on the Trekitt YouTube channel made it so easy to choose the right backpack for me.
Emily - May 2020
Amazing service! Very helpful in regards sizing and what most matched my needs, despite this being done over the internet. YouTube videos of products being examined are very useful also. Would definitely use again, very fast and efficient delivery. Brilliant! Highly recommended!
David R - April 2020
Highly recommend. I usually go to the shop in Hereford as staff are alwasy very helpful and knowledgeable. So this was the first time I have purchased online and the service was just as good as the shop.
Grizzy - April 2020


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