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Used by Special Forces the AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX is a multi-purpose waterproof and highly breathable 6" boot with outstanding support, stability and impact absorption. Perfect when carrying heavy loads or undertaking more arduous duties.
Aku Tactical

AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest

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AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest

Season : ZZZ Discontinued

Brand : Aku Tactical


This is the new Mark 2 version of the hugely successful AKU Pilgrim GTX boot. These boots are exclusive to Trekitt in the UK and were developed from the original AKU Navy Seal to provide a stable and supportive multi-purpose 6" ankle boot with a full Gore-Tex lining for complete waterproofing and unparalleled breathability. The Pilgrim range of boots have been used throughout the world by special forces and emergency services for effective rapid intervention work and specialist operations.

This new Mark 2 version features a new Vibram Brown sole unit to improve the boots MTP compatibility with the advantage of enhanced grip and shock absorption. This is achieved by using a carbon rubber sole compound that flexes and moulds to the terrain yet remains hard wearing and durable.

This GTX model is perfect for demanding duties in temperate wet climates where waterproofing and breathability are critical. The uppers are made from Air 8000, making the Pilgrim GTX 30% more breathable than traditionally constructed Gore-Tex fabric boots. This is achieved by laminating the Gore-Tex lining to the nylon face fabric using micro dot net glue which uses adhesive in a matrix pattern to ensure maximum breathability and structural integrity. Other manufacturers use a complete layer of glue to stick the lining to the outer, this effectively blocks up the Gore-Tex membrane and greatly reduces breathability.

The face fabric is a tough 3D woven nylon constructed with a raised and increased surface area which provides outstanding abrasion resistance. The combination of these technologies allows the Pilgrim GTX M2 to breathe 30% better than any of its competitors.

The key to the comfort and support of the Pilgrim GTX M2 is the AKU Internal Midsole System which uses an anatomically shaped 3D midsole that mimics the natural foot shape. Normally midsoles are flat and offer no support to the foot, only dictating the stiffness of the boot. With an IMS 3D midsole the foot is cradled in a relaxed position therefore reducing fatigue and minimising foot movement. Above the IMS midsole is a 3mm layer of high density EVA, this protects the user from loading forces particularly when carrying heavy packs and provides a layer of protective support for foot rather than it resting on a hard material. Below the IMS midsole is a thicker layer of 5mm (under the forefoot) and 17mm (under the heel) high density EVA which absorbs impact forces from the ground. IMS 3D anatomical midsoles remove the need to “upgrade” boots with off the shelf supports and insoles.

The AKU Pilgrim Mark 2 features the tried and tested internal shape for improved forefoot width and secure heel grip making this boot perfectly capable of long tours and extended duties. The new Vibram Brown outsole features deep lugs for improved grip on a variety of terrain and has a built in rocker to produce a stable and progressive walking platform.

Proved on duty and in operation the Pilgrim has become the boot of choice for specialist armed forces and emergency services throughout the world and is available in 6" ankle and 9" high leg versions.

VAT free sales for qualifying customers outside of the EU please contact us by email ( for prices and delivery charges.

  • IMS - Internal Midsole System for support and stability
  • Gore-Tex lining - waterproof and breathable
  • AIR8000 - Superb breathability and quick drying
  • Vibram Brown Sole - Improved grip and impact absorption
  • Proven in worldwide operations

Here at Trekitt we know all too well of the difficulties people face when purchasing footwear online. The hardest part is being confident that you have picked the correct fitting footwear, so that is what we will cover in this blog (or if you prefer you can CLICK HERE to watch our video).

In our Hereford shop we offer a professional boot fitting service where we assess your feet, find a selection of boots that match you foot shape and most importantly we make sure that they are comfortable. This is easy to do in the shop, where we have access to the right tools, the option of letting you try on as many styles as you like and a knowledgeable member of staff that can communicate directly with you regarding your needs.

But let’s not dwell on what you don’t have, instead we shall teach you how to ascertain your size using some common household objects.

What you will need:

  1. A piece of A4 paper
  2. A pen or pencil
  3. A floor and a flat wall
  4. A ruler or tape measure

What you need to do:

  1. Put on the socks that you intend to use with the footwear you have selected
  2. Place the paper/cardboard on the floor with one end flush against a wall
  3. Stand on the A4 paper with your heel pressed firmly against the wall and your foot pointed forward with the edge of your big toe aligned with the edge of the paper.
  4. Draw a line just in front of your big toe
  5. Measure the distance from the wall edge of the paper to the line you drew
  6. Repeat the process for the other foot
  7. Finally, check the longer of the two measurements against the table below to find your size
Your measurement (cm) UK Size EU Size
21.7 3 35
22.1 3.5 36
22.5 4 37
22.9 4.5 37.5
23.3 5 38
23.7 5.5 39
24.1 6 39.5
24.5 6.5 40
24.9 7 41
25.4 7.5 41.5
25.8 8 42
26.2 8.5 42.5
26.6 9 43
27 9.5 44
27.4 10 44.5
27.8 10.5 45
28.3 11 46
28.8 11.5 46.5
29.2 12 47
29.6 12.5 47.5
30 13 48
30.4 13.5 49

NOTE: The above table is only a guide. Manufactures don’t like to make it easy as every single one of them strays from the measurements above.

So, once you have received your chosen footwear please take the time to do these simple tests to check they are actually the right size and that they fit the rest of your foot correctly.

The length test

  1. Whip out the removable footbed from the boots.
  2. Put them on the floor about shoulder-width apart.
  3. With your socks on, stand on the footbeds making sure that your heels are right to the back of the heel cup.
  4. You should now be able to see approximately 2 cm (about an index fingers width) of the footbed poking out in front of your toes.

If you can see this amount of space then you are pretty much on the way to making sure that your boots are the correct size. This space between your toes and the end of the footbed ensures that you will not stub your toes on the inside of the boot when you descend. This can be excruciatingly painful. If you can’t see this amount of space then it’s a good bet that the boots will be too small.

The heel lift test

This test will tell you if the shape of the internal heel cup matches your heel to ensure it holds you securely, especially when ascending steep ground. We are trying to eliminate the dreaded heel blister.

Before you commence this test it is imperative that you have laced the boots correctly.

  1. Tap your heel so it’s as far back in the boot as possible, being sure to keep your foot at a right angle to your leg at all times during the next few steps.
  2. Make sure that the laces have no slack in them across the forefoot by starting at the front of the boot and working the slack backwards and to the top. You should just be able to squeeze the end section of your finger under the laces, not easily, but just about.
  3. If you are wearing shoes then ensure the last upper part of the lacing is tight, not cutting off your circulation tight, but certainly comfortably snug as this will hold your heel back in the heel cup and will reduce any excess slipping (If you are wearing boots, this will be the eyelets that sit just below/inline the ankle).
  4. Please also make sure when trying out boots that use all the lace hooks, don’t be tempted to leave the top one undone as your foot needs to be held securely right in the back of the boot.
  5. Now that your boots are done up properly stand up on your tiptoes and walk on the spot on the balls of your feet as if you are walking up a steep hill. If your heels lift more than approximately 5mm from the footbed you may need to pull the laces tighter, or the boots may just be the wrong shape for you.

The toe wiggle test

This test is designed to check whether you have enough room around your toes. Your toes need to be in a happy place, they need plenty of room to wiggle without being squashed together, or cramped in from above. However they don’t want to be swimming around in acres of space either, this will cause friction blisters and stability problems when traversing hillsides. So, with the boots done up properly, walk around your house and make sure that your toes can wiggle freely.

Home Trial Period

However, even after the most rigorous assessment and testing, there is no better way to be absolutely sure than to have the boots on your feet for an extended period of time. We therefore offer our Home Trial Period which gives you the opportunity to wear the boots around your house to give you an indication of how they feel before you venture outside. We recommend that during the Home Trial Period that you wear the boots for as long as possible and at different times of the day, wear them up and down stairs, when moving around and when resting, you can even sleep in them if you want. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During the Home Trial Period we insist that the boots are worn indoors only. All footwear must be returned in a new and perfect condition with the original packaging and a proof of purchase. We retain the right to refuse to refund or exchange if footwear shows any sign of being worn outside.

For full details on footwear aftercare please check out our related blog here.

Technical Information

Weight: 1.28kg (pair size 8)

Sizing Information
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  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by CPW,  On 14/11/2014 22:37:38

    This Mk2 model arrived today, Friday 14 Nov 14. Easily the most comfortable boot Ive worn in 15 years Service. Fits like a dream and feels light but also sturdy. It chucked it down for their first outing and as youd expect the boot stood up to this easily. Id read the reviews of the GTX Pilgrim MTP and had no hesitation in buying these the GTX2.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by RB,  On 27/11/2014 16:30:50

    Good boot, well made and comfortable. Nice flexible sole which I was looking for - I find normal hiking shoes are too stiff. My feet are different by 1/2 a size and Im able to get both boots to fit well - they are adjustable enough to dial in the fit. I bought my standard size (didnt go up 1/2 a size) and they are spot on. I use the standard insoles. Its a reasonably warm boot so ideal for winter & autumn in the UK. Ive found it breathable enough. The unlined version would be better in warmer weather. I would have preferred speed hooks, as in the high tops, but apart from that Im happy with the boots. As long as they hold together well and the soles last Ill definitely be buying again.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by James,  On 26/02/2015 20:15:58

    They are a great boot for running and hiking and look nice
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by paul,  On 07/03/2015 15:34:49

    Great pair of boots real nice on one of the best i have had.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Rob ,  On 17/03/2015 21:59:27

    Nice boot could do with a little more padding in the toes.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Wil,  On 19/11/2015 08:33:31

    4 years ago I was after a boot for an operational tour that was upcoming. Had to be light, reasonably waterproof but hugely breathable, and all black. Not a lot of criteria, but incredibly hard to find, till I found the AKU Pilgrim. Amazing boot, great in the dry dusty conditions. After I returned, I was a part of a charity tab around the Isle of Mann TT course for Army Benevolent Fund. AKU Pilgrims with walking socks and 37 3/4 miles later my feet were fine, compared to others with issued boots, tape, 2 pairs of sock and many blisters. Pushing on a few years and the sole is worn to oblivion and they are tearing on top, so I did the only thing that made sense. Got another pair, but this time Gore-Tex and not black. Why change something that just works. Only gripe? I am heavy on my feet, outside heel in particular, and as much as I love the thinner soft sole that allows so much feel, it wears very quickly. Still managed at least 700 miles out of mine though including far too much running on tarmac for my liking.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Jason,  On 18/12/2015 10:25:40

    Comfy straight out the box, sturdy sole, good ankle support and well padded. I normally take a size 9 but found these to be a perfect fit in size 10 when worn with a walking sock (Im using Darn Tuff boot sock). Only had them a couple of weeks, used for around 20 miles but so far so good. Remind me of the original Karrimor KSB from around 25yrs ago.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Rob,  On 13/02/2016 22:37:40

    Fantastic comfortable boots that are sturdy and robust, without being too stiff. They are light on the feet, with just the right feel through the sole for the terrain underfoot. Very comfortable out of the box, my pair required virtually no breaking in and were true to size for me. The best boots I have worn to date. Excellent service and ultra fast delivery from the team at Trekkit.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by John,  On 30/03/2016 13:28:16

    Superb boot, well made and fit for purpose. I screwed up on initial order and needed reorder correct size and return wrong sized boots. I found Trekitts return policy and ease of use to be a fantastic service and how wonderful is customer care, FREE. I am delighted with my boots and with the personal, professional and friendly service shown to me by Trekitt staff.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Legs,  On 06/08/2016 13:20:03

    I have had these boots for just over a year now and absolutely love them... They have stood upto the test of time in both climates from the freezing cold and wet of the Falkland Islands to the Hot and Humid Environment of Belize, where I have just worn these on a daily basis and they are great!! Yes you might think "Goretex in that environment?!" but I can honestly say that although they are goretex, they are also extremely breathable!! I would strongly recommend these boots to anyone and everyone! In fact my boss even oredered a pair recently :-) Cheers Trekitt and AKU!!
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Sergio,  On 02/09/2016 11:08:23

    Outstanding Boot. Lives up to everything I expected. Really well made and put together. Lightweight but still tough as nails. I love them.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Balazs,  On 15/10/2016 13:50:10

    Very reliable, massive hiking boots. Good quality at a good, affordable price. You will not be disappointed.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Eric P,  On 17/10/2016 01:01:07

    Great support and very comfortable.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Dave,  On 10/11/2016 13:01:39

    Quite simply, AKU boots are the best Ive ever worn. Years of fell walking in Scarpas, KSBs, etc, and 22 years in the infantry and I went with the early craze for Altbergs - my first pair were great, the second pair not and so I went back to issue for many years until somebody suggested AKUs. The Mk1 Gtx pair are still going strong post-retirement as a 3 season walking boot at home in the fells of Cumbria but before that, they served me well on everything from UK based exercise to a 9 month tour in Africa, their first time on was on a CFT and, to the surprise of my colleagues, no blisters, hotspots or damage, just comfort and speed. Such was my confidence in AKU when I started my second career in a different uniform, while everybody else is wearing clumpy Altbergs, I went for a pair of black Spiders - theyve come in to their own, driving, running after people, all so much easier in light, comfortable, low profile boots, while my new colleagues follow in my wake. So much so, Ive just ordered a third pair of AKUs - black Goretex Pilgrims, for winter duty wear now that the snows arrived up here.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Joe.G,  On 11/12/2016 22:37:44

    Found the AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX Boots some time back. My last set after being worn for two years straight in four season weather finally got retired, the fit and finish are fantastic and they can easily accommodate carrying 20-25kg pack without any strain on my ankles or knees. My only caveat is, be extremely careful with wet soles on man made surfaces (slip & slide doesnt even cover it). Extremely satisfied with these boots since I am 13EE in foot size & they fit like a glove without any fatigue or hot spots. Great boot highly recommended!
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Dai,  On 24/12/2016 13:12:01

    To date these are the best boots I have purchased. Completed 23yrs in the Infantry and only wished that I had come across these boots during my time served. No breaking in required, extremely comfortable when worn for long periods of time and light weight. I actually found the tread of the boot very grippy in the wet.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Edward,  On 26/01/2017 00:35:34

    Best pair of boots I have ever used. Already have worn them in the snow, in the rain and in below freezing temperatures. The boots held up with no issue, fit is perfect, boots are constructed so well, materials and craftsmanship are superior to any other boot I have used. They will be a little stiff out of the box, so I wore them indoors for a day to break them a bit before taking them outdoors. Cannot recommend these enough and will be purchasing the warm weather pair in the future.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Mark,  On 19/03/2017 16:11:05

    Great boot out in horrendous weather this weekend paths were more like streams up Pen Y Ghent and no wet feet!More than happy with AKU.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Nando,  On 27/03/2017 23:11:32

    This is quite frankly the best boot Ive ever owned. Having had my pair for about a year and worn them on a nearly daily basis I feel I can happily review them. The boot is as comfortable today as it was straight out of the box. I spend long hours in wet grass lands and they are yet to let me down with their waterproofing, which is very rare! The quality of the boot is second to none. Do not hesitate any more. Get it now! You wont need to replace them 6 months down the line so they are well worth it!
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Kevin Hesketh,  On 22/04/2017 22:51:37

    Very sturdy, excellent ventilation, boot fits Snug - cant comment on waterproof as no rain, but can imagine it will be just as good as the boots are of excellent quality.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Phil,  On 01/07/2017 01:44:57

    Great service.....Great boot....
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by scott,  On 11/07/2017 08:08:22

    My advice is to buy these boots as they (as others have already mentioned) need no breaking in and fit like slippers. They offer great support and after a few long runs/walks around my house in the lakes its safe to say they're well waterproof. They feel far lighter in comparison to the old Lowas but then again these are now a cold weather mountain boot, but I'm intrigued to see how they fare up in this winter around here. very good boots. Very, very good in fact!
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Kevin,  On 18/02/2018 10:55:33

    Purchased these a few days ago, I can honestly say these are a bargain. very sturdy boot with added comfort. highly recommended.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by John R,  On 25/02/2018 20:49:07

    Great comfy fit. Great for tabbing (at least for the last 3 weeks that I have had them). Happy to have finally found a replacement for my Salomon Quests that’s worthy of that take-over. Yet to test them out in wet tabby conditions but suspect that with the GTX version they will do fine. Not sure about the upper lace-tie rings.... The boots don’t have a way to secure the main boot tension prior to lacing up the top section, which means that they loosen up as you try to trhreat the laces through the eyes, and you then have to fiddle around re-tensioning the boot to successfully tie the knots. I think they could benefit from an initial lace fastener that locks the lace in place before you navigate the final rings. Other than that, so far, a great looking boot, very comfortable and quite credible for tabbers.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Gary,  On 01/03/2018 19:45:56

    Great boot for a great price
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Eddie ok,  On 06/03/2018 18:01:20

    Comfortable boot with good support
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by John,  On 23/03/2018 20:51:14

    Really good boot and very comfortable but would be better with speed hooks at top of boot for easy tieing
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Jarno,  On 20/07/2017 06:57:49

    I have had these boots for about a month now. I have used them on a few hikes, occasionally on the street and tested them on he shooting range and so far the experience has been nothing but positive. There has been no blisters and the boots fit into my feet perfectly straight out of the box. The laces seem to be a bit short and always take a minute to tie up. They also tend to loosen up over time if not properly secured. But the Vibram soles are excellent and the GTX has warded off any water that has spilled on the boots. I gave 4/5 stars only because I have yet to see how the Pilgrims perform with snow, but I am expecting them to tackle the winter easily.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Chris phillips,  On 25/07/2017 20:46:43

    I'm in the military and these are the best boots I've worn by far!
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Danny ,  On 09/08/2017 16:07:51

    Extremely comfortable and minimal breaking in required.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Barbara,  On 30/08/2017 18:11:07

    Brilliant boots let down by short laces.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Byron,  On 31/10/2017 16:29:50

    Had pilgrim boot fitted in shop and was impressed, subsequently purchased gortex version online, boot fit is consistent, superb backpacking boot. Service and delivery as expected of Trekitt.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Ross,  On 26/03/2018 14:57:04

    Great comfort straight out of the box. I have very narrow feet and the fact that these boots lace up from the toe box makes them fit really well. Really lightweight and good quality. Might be better if the top laces were speed lases instead of D rings.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Phil,  On 05/04/2018 14:18:35

    Short and sweet, it’s an outstanding boot, the best I’ve worn in 24 years infantry service.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Paul R,  On 17/04/2018 23:09:21

    I own several pairs of these boots; black, green and now brown. These boots are 1) Comfortable now and over the long haul, 2) Very reliable. I have had zero repair needs after several years of wearing the Pilgrims on and off duty. It is no surprise that several different agency/operators are wearing these boots every day everywhere. Dry, wet, cold and hot these boots work. Dry quickly after water submersion. Easy to clean and remain comfortable.
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Mike,  On 22/05/2018 21:41:38

    Great boots, straight out of the box onto exercise, no dramas. 60Ib Bergan plus belt kit no worries! Love’em
  • AKU Pilgrim MK2 GTX MTP Forest Reviewed by Leoni Tatman,  On 24/05/2018 15:20:04

    The boots were delivered on time, however, after one cross country walk the boots gave me blisters and discomfort around my toes as they are very narrow at the end. I am unable to exchange them as I have worn them, but unfortunately I cant wear them for their designed purpose without disconfort.
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  • The care instructions say to use a nourishing revitalising cream on natural leathers. Would that be the suede areas around the toes and along the sides?
    Question asked by Chris on Jul 9 2017 1:22PM
    Hi Chris, the lower half of the Pilgrim is constructed from a PU coated leather, therefore that is the only part that needs any form of cream. The almost 'canvasy' material on the upper half won't need any, just the thicker, smooth material which wraps around the bottom. Regards, Harry.
  • I want to do mont blanc, but they say I need crampons, will they fit onto these boots?
    Question asked by kevin on Jun 12 2017 8:58PM
    Hi Kevin, although the Pilgrim is a great all-rounded boot, it isn't suitable for Mont Blanc and isn't crampon compatible. To be able to fit crampons, you'll need a B2 rated boot such as the Scarpa Charmoz (link below). This is far stiffer and will support your foot over more technical alpine terrain as well as allowing the crampon to fit onto the boot properly. As with all boots, we would recommend getting sized up and fitted with a variation of boots to get the best fit possible. Regards, Harry.
  • Do you recommend this boot for the jungle? Has anyone got any feed back from wearing them in this environment?
    Question asked by R Mark on Apr 7 2017 11:53PM
    Hi, for jungle use or any environment with a hot climate we would always recommend the "DS" version of this boot. This comes without a Gore-Tex lining, therefore massively increasing breathability. These will let water in, but obviously as soon as it gets in it'll go straight back out again! Gore-Tex will hold the water inside like a bucket. That being said, the Gore-Tex versions are around 30% more breathable than a standard Gore-Tex boot thanks to the clever construction. Below is the non Gore-Tex version. Regards, Harry.
  • How do the nylon portions of the boot hold up against rocks, thorns etc?
    Question asked by Jimmy on Dec 13 2016 8:58PM
    Hi Jimmy, Nylon is highly durable and widely used throughout the outdoor industry for is abrasion resistant qualities. Over time just like any material it will show signs of use, but as far as rocks and thorns go, these boots will hold up very well. Kind regards, Will
  • Would these boots also suit wet/cold weather with the goretex lining or are they primarily a summer boot ?
    Question asked by Jonathan on Oct 24 2016 12:39PM
    Jon, the AKU Pilgrim boots are a true all year boot thanks to their waterproof Gore-Tex lining. Please note however that they may feel cooler to wear than normal Gore-Tex boots due their unique construction that makes them much more breathable. In very cold conditions you may want to "sock-up" for increased insulation. Paul.
  • oes the Aku pilgrim forest fit normal to size. I.e should I order size 8 if I am a standard size 8?
    Question asked by Paul on Jun 15 2016 6:26PM
    Hi Paul, the fit of the Pilgrim, from our experience, is pretty bang on and we find most customers are fine with ordering their normal size. If you are at all unsure use the fit guide on the webpage and for extra piece of mind we have free returns if you are not happy with the fit. Paul
  • Are these boots suitable for wider feet?
    Question asked by Frank on Nov 6 2015 4:26PM
    Hi Frank, the Pilgrims have a roomy toe box and in our experience they fit a wide range of feet. We haven't failed to fit a pair yet. The laces extend down to the toe so you can always loosen them to accommodate a wider foot.
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