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Men's & Women's Arcteryx Jackets, Trousers, Backpacks & more

Men's & Women's Atom SL Hoody & Men's Atom SL Anorak In our books, the Arc'teryx Atom SL is probably one of the most versatile super lightweight insulating layers... in the world! These brilliant insulated, breathable layers can be used for virtually any outdoor activity to add warmth wherever you need it! Find out More

Why Trekitt choose Arc'teryx

Born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1989 they are named after the Achaeopteryx Lithographica, the first reptile to develop feathers for flight and free itself from the constraints of the flat earth. They believe that the only way to build the right gear for the mountains, is to exist in that environment; inextricably linking manufacturing, ideas and location. Their backyard is the Coast Mountains Range, one of the most unpopulated wilderness regions in the world that includes dramatic vistas, diverse climates and challenging conditions. From Vancouver itself, one of the wettest cities in Canada, to the lofty heights of Mt Waddington at 4019m, Arc'teryx have access to the world's best outdoor kit testing environment.

Arc'teryx refuse to compromise on any element of their product. Their achievement as the outdoor world's leading brand is obtained by merging unrivalled designs with the best quality, highest performing materials and making products in the most innovative and durable way possible for their intended use. Their Vancouver based Design Centre is a hands-on think tank where experts with diverse skills and outdoor experience collaborate on the world's best products. The centre is more like an engineering workshop than a pristine design lab, there's a full-on industrial workshop with all the tools to make and break products until they arrive at the perfect solution and a beautiful result. This process may take three years; it may take longer.

"You come in here and it's a workshop for sure - it's not a pristine design lab."

JJ Mah - Apparel Designer

Arc'teryx are not constrained by mediocrity, each product is born from a clear understanding of its intended use. They then apply all their technological mastery to make it the best it can be, irrespective of material cost and manufacturing limitations; in fact, they have developed tools and techniques not used by other brands in their pursuit of excellence.

"The Design Centre is where things get built, but all of the inspiration, all of the problems that need to solved are out in the mountains"

Dan Green - VP Design

Their flagship model, the Alpha SV, takes 259 minutes, and 190 operations, to create each jacket, making the £630 price a bargain at only £2.43 per minute. Their pursuit of excellence has made Arc'teryx responsible for virtually all of the design and manufacturing innovations for the past 25 years.

Arc'teryx standards are exceptionally high. From design to manufacturing, all products undergo extensive testing and research, strict quality control and inspections. It is their mission to produce and deliver the best possible, in all aspects.

Their flagship shell jackets epitomise their ethos, using only highly developed performance fabrics that are tested in the mountains, not a laboratory, by athletes and research teams to acquire real world results. The development of their incredible AC2 packs and luggage further establishes Arc'teryx as a world innovator. AC2, Advanced Composite Construction, combines aesthetic simplicity and sublime design with watertight construction, minimal weight and maximum durability.

Arc'teryx still manufacture in Canada, their ARC'One facility is located close to their Design Centre and is one of their many facilities around the world, making them a true global manufacturer. ARC'One accounts for 10% of global production and is where Outdoor and LEAF products are made. The other 90% of products are produced across 21 manufacturing facilities across the world. The same people who ensure the level of quality at ARC'One, ensure the same level everywhere else around the world.

For us here at Trekitt it's all about the kit, we rely on Arc'teryx to produce amazing products, so we can provide our customers with the best kit. We only select the clothing and equipment that we would absolutely trust ourselves, and that provides our customers with the best outdoor experience, in any weather, anywhere in the world. We understand that to get the most out of your comfort and enjoyment in the outdoors, your kit has to be fit for purpose and capable of handling the kind of abuse that only true outdoor enthusiasts can dish out.

Trekitt is one of the UK's premier Arc'teryx retailers and we enjoy a collaborative relationship with the brand. We engage in "on-the-hill" training sessions, giving our entire team the opportunity to thoroughly test and evaluate new products in the environment for which they were designed. More technical and in-depth training takes place regularly in our Hereford shop to ensure our product knowledge is completely up-to-date.

It is our shared passion for excellence that fuels our mutual drive for perfection.

Through our 30 plus years of experience we know that you get what you pay for and that when it comes to safety, comfort and enjoyment in the outdoors there are no compromises. Buy well and buy once.

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